If you are like me. You do not constantly maintain and clean up your Windows PC, you will find that your Windows machine always become slow, or even crashes frequently after some time of usage. My computer runs slow a lot because of this. This is a pretty common issue with Windows, regardless of whether it is Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8/8.1.  there is alot of software that exists to improve Windows performance. System Mechanic is a software to help you fix and speed up your PC automatically.

System Mechanic is a performance optimization suite that is created by iolo and incorporates multiple patented and patent-pending innovations designed to fix, speed up and maintain computers so they run like new. Some of the useful features that come with it include LiveBoost (boosts system responsiveness), Stability Guard (intercepts stability threats), NetBooster (speeds up Internet, videos, downloads and games), Total Registry Revitalizer (resolves registry problems) and more.
I had recently downloaded system mechanic and it had cleaned up my computer. It seems to be working faster. It is not freezing as much anymore either.  I am not a computer friendly person. I know the basics. I get so frustrated when my computer doesn't work properly. While I'm working I have so many windows open and I'm going from site to site. With all the work I always have issues with my computer running slow. Just run the system mechanics and it runs better. It's as simple as that. I have used other brand software and i always end up going back to system mechanics.  This software is very easy to use if you need they have 24/7 tech support. For more information click here.


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