I’m a book lover, so you can bet I’m going to fill my kids’ rooms with books and their heads with stories. I won’t have kids of my own for a while, but I do have a 3-year-old nephew who I love to send books to (he lives in Texas). When I received a copy of Take a Peek with Peek-a-Bear, I knew I would have to send it to him with this year’s Christmas package; it’s so adorable!

In Take a Peek with Peek-a-Bear, kids can enjoy “taking a peek” into Peek-a-Bear’s world by lifting flaps, pulling on cards, and spinning wheels. They can see elephants out of the car window, cows out of the train windows, an octopus eating peanut butter out of the cruise ship’s porthole, among several other interesting sights to entertain children.

There are mini read-along passages that go along with the activities. Parents can read what’s going on to the children as they explore Peek-a-Bear’s world, or, as they age, children can read what’s going on themselves as they lift the flaps. The simple passages will make it easy for children to recognize words so that they can eventually learn to read the book on their own!

Since it’s not yet Christmas time, my nephew hasn’t had a chance to experience the colorful, poetic world of Peek-a-Bear, but I have a hunch that he’ll love it. I know I would have loved this book when I was a child – I was all about lift the flap books as a child! (In fact, I still enjoy them!) My nephew is an avid little reader, and I’m sure the interactive features of this book will keep him engaged every time he opens the book.

Take a Peek with Peek-a-Bear was written by Jill Mangel Weisfeld, an award winning author and founder/CEO of Peek-a-Bear Press publishing company. She is currently the Art Director of the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. You can find out more about her here. The book was illustrated by Gary Thorburn. Take a Peek with Peek-a-Bear has received 5 awards, including a Gold medal in the Mom’s Choice Awards. 

Take a Peek with Peek-a-Bear is the first in a series, so keep your eyes out for additional publications! You can find out more about Take a Peek with Peek-a-Bear here or purchase it here (just click the link that says “Buy Now”!).

Happy reading!

Molly Maurer

Head blogger at A Bibliophile's View: Fitness, Food, and Faith

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