How To Take Care Of Your Pet Dog





Taking care of your pet dog is no easy task. But once you develop a routine it can just become part and parcel of your life. Some things require being done daily; others may only need to be thought about every year. So I thought I would put a simple guide together on how to take care of your pet dog. Some of it may be common knowledge while others may prompt you. I hope it helps.


Every day


Each day your dog will require being fed and exercised. It’s vital for you to ensure that your dog has a good idet. Most food brands will recommend how much you should feed your pet, so you don’t overfeed them. Exercise can be done ins many ways. You can take your dog out for a regular walk. Head to an open space and let them have a run around. You could even consider swimming in lakes or going to centres especially for dog swimming.


Every week


Every week it would be advisable to check your dog’s sleeping area. Maybe wash or vacuum up any loose hairs. This will make it comfortable for your pet and also combat any nasty pet odours you may be experiencing. Depending on the type of fur your dog has or what breed it is, you could choose to brush and groom them weekly. This will ensure a healthy shine on their coat and avoid excessive hair loss in your home.


Every two weeks


Depending on the type of exercise your pet gets and again on the fur type and breed, you may want to consider giving them a bath every few weeks. This can again ensure a healthy coat but also keep odours at bay. However, be mindful that some dogs skin can be sensitive so seek advice from a professional if you are unsure on how often to bathe your dog.


Every month to every three months


Every few months you will need to combat general health and take preventive measures against the likes of fleas and worms. Unfortunately, a dog is prone to things like this. There are brands like seresto that offer a full range of options to help you combat this. Sometimes it can be as simple as using a collar and other times adding tablets or powders to their food.


Each year


Each year you should take your dog to the vet for an annual check up. This will enable you to keep up to date with vaccinations. Which is vital if your dog spends any time in kennels or dog day care while you work or go away. They will also be able to check on their weight gain to ensure it stays at a healthy level.


Every minute you can


Finally, every minute you can make sure you show love and affection to your pet dog. They thrive on positive attention from their owners. They will appreciate any ear scratches and belly rubs that is for sure.


I hope this guide helps you take care of your pet dog.