Vitamins are so important for your body.  I know for a fact I do not eat as great as I should and probably do not get in all the servings of vegetables per day that is recommended, so I take a multivitamin to supplement where I lack.  Here’s the funny thing though – I do not think any amount of food is enough to actually give your body everything it needs.  Not making excuses for my not eating properly, I know it is an area I need to work on, just pointing out that even if you are the healthiest person on the planet and eat wonderfully you probably need a multivitamin too.  You can ask your doctor of course before taking one!

MegaFood vitamins are the perfect example of multivitamins that will give your body what it needs to be healthy and function the best it can.  They have a Multi for Women (which is what I take because of the iron factor in it), they have Multi for Women 40+ which focuses on bone and brain health, and they have Multi for Women 55+ which is iron and vitamin K free.  They also have a line for Men, Children, and they even have probiotics which many people swear by, especially when they have to take antibiotics.  They also do have a line called Baby and Me for pregnant/lactating mothers. The formula is made with carrots, brown rice, broccoli, cabbage, and oranges, so it is made with real food too which is a plus.

MegaFood vitamins is looking for you to take the MegaPledge which is a win-win situation – not only are you getting fresh foods whose ingredients are free of GMO’s, but when you do MegaFood will donate vitamins to someone in need so they are able to get the benefits of the multivitamin  and probiotics too.  You are helping yourself and someone else which is a wonderful thing! In fact, MegaFood has live streaming cameras in their facility so you can see exactly what is going on.  If they are that sure of their product and way it is made to stream it, I know I can trust it.  I don’t know what goes on anywhere else but seeing is believing and I like being able to see what I am getting so to speak!

For those that are into making smoothies or just supplementing a little extra, MegaFoods also has a line of Daily Nutrient Booster Powders.  I cannot tell you how many times I hear or see people buying the powders and they mix it in everything – juice, even coffee, Or of course putting it in smoothies.  It is stimulant-free which some of the powders available are not and they are really not good for you when they have those stimulants in them.   Adding fish oil to your daily, vitamin intake is good for your heart and more. 

If you are Vegan, no worries there either, because they have a line that is Vegan Certified too so really, anyone can take the MegaPledge and “mind the gap” by eating healthy and taking a multivitamin!

Check out their Facebook Live event on February 7th and take the pledge yourself!

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