There are so many activities to do with the kids in the summertime that it’s almost impossible to tick all of them off the list. However, you should also bear in mind that things will get hot very quickly, and kids that are feeling the heat don’t feel the fun as much as they should. In which case, why not include plenty of water activities in your list? It’s still lots of fun, but with the added option of cooling down by splashing some water around. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

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Water balloon piñata

Yes, water balloon fights are a classic way to have fun with water, but you’re also very likely to run out of ammunition. Instead, fill up one or two regular sized balloons with water, tie them to a clothesline or tree branch, and let the kids go at it with some sticks. Give them a 10 second hitting limit before passing the stick onto someone else so everyone has an equal chance of getting wet. You can line up at least one balloon piñata for each child to keep the game flowing and to give everyone a chance to cool down with some cold water.

Teach them to fish

It might seem like an odd activity to encourage, but there are many reasons to take your child fishing this summer. Active kids in particular will learn the importance of patience, and the satisfaction of catching something after almost an entire day of waiting. If you feel they’re getting a little too bored with sitting still, you can shake things up a bit by letting them drive the boat to the next spot. Your child might still enjoy the experience if they get to learn something cool; just highlight the features of your motor boat, explain why it’s the best trolling motor for your boat and your purposes, and why a certain spot looks ideal for fishing. If you catch something, your child will definitely get excited to learn that they have provided dinner for the family.

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If there were ever a sport that could safely teach children the power of nature, surfing fits the bill. Surfing is an incredibly difficult sport to master, and more often than not they end up falling into the water trying to perfect a move. You can show them that it’s okay if they fall in when they’re in a relatively shallow area with a grown up around, but then use their experience to show that they wouldn’t want to fall in the deep end with no one around. Also, when you point out that the sea is too rough to swim, they might actually believe you. That said, kids should also learn how to surf because surfing it’s a lot of fun. It’s pretty empowering to basically stand on water and use it to power your movements. Not to mention it’s really good exercise, and it will definitely encourage them to get out of the house.

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