Taking Care Of Your Family

Taking care of your family can be so hard sometimes. Learning a great routine and getting your family involved with helping can be so useful to help keep your own sanity. Especially while we have all been under quarantine. For me personally, I realized after our lockdown started in my state, that the only way things were going to get done in our house is if I initiated and gave everyone a schedule to follow. My husband would go do work outside in our yard or the garage to keep himself busy, and personally sane. I would be working with our two boys.

With my boys being so small still, they are not able to complete all tasks by themselves. But with a little help from their brother, or from me they were able to accomplish everything easily. To help keep my boys' minds busy, I decided this year was the year we started our very first garden in our home. This is not only a great teaching tool for kids for so many reasons, it can also be very self soothing to work around a garden. And let's be honest, having all the food that comes out of your garden can be so great on the wallet, and in the bellies of every member in the family.


When we started our garden, I went and bought everything we needed to start. I gave my husband the tasks of getting the land prepped, and helping me get the fence up. He was excited because he got himself a new rototiller out of the deal. My boys and I were in charge of figuring out what plants we actually wanted in our garden. And since we live in the city, I added an extra planter box to give us some more efficient use out of our space. My boys were in charge of helping me build that. Though it was a bit challenging, it was rewarding to see their faces when they were able to see their finished work.


We had started all of our plants from seeds, which meant my kids had the responsibility of checking the plants on a regular basis, making sure they had enough water and sunlight. Since planting our plants in the ground, giving my boys some of the responsibilities in the garden https://cannabispromotions.com/product/category/hemp-shirts/   have not only helped them learn a bit more about being responsible, and growing their own food. It also has helped give me a bit more time to get other things done in our normal day.


Another thing that can be so important is making time for yourself. I do this by keeping my boys' sleep schedule very strict. They are only able to stay up later on rare occasions, holidays and things like that. This gives my husband and I time to ourselves to keep ourselves motivated and connected with one another.


Making the time to take care of yourself while working tirelessly to take care of your family can be so hard. But if you learn more ways to get your family involved with helping out around the house, you will be on your way to a happier life.


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