Taking Charge Of Your Oxygen

Our uncle has COPD and lung cancer, we are always worried that he doesn't get enough oxygen and how could we possibly check and make sure he does, I have been looking for something that is simple to use and he can wear at night. Thats where Wellue comes in, they have so many great things that can help you monitor your health.


The Wellue SleepU is perfect for us to track his oxygen at night, and it all goes to the app you put on your phone, Simple to set up and easy to use, just put it on your wrist and finger, and your good to go. What I like is that its compact the size of one of my lipsticks, and all you have to do is wear it for a full night.


What this does is record your blood oxygen and heart rate and all your body movements every second till your up for the day. The vibration in the ring will nudge you gently to change your sleep position when your blood oxygen level is below the preset value. Moving and repositioning yourself can then increase and open up your airways so that you can breathe more oxygen.


What I think is cool is that the vibration is way better than a beep because that will wake up your partner, your ability to adjust the threshold by downloading the ViHealth app and seeing what's the best fit for you.

This wearable pulse oximeter tracks overnight oxygen levels and heart rate, it helps you to see whether the CPAP machine or oxygenator is effective and provides more info for diagnosis.

Unlike other sensors, this one won't numb your finger and it will never slip off your finger, it will stay on as long as you have it on. Detailed analysis and trends of your overnight blood oxygen levels, heart rate and body movements. See if there are hypoxia events and how severe it is. High resolution trend chart with 4 second interval.

You can log notes and share unlimited sleep oximetry reports with your doctor.

Show your real-time blood oxygen & heart rate.

We are so happy we got this and plan on using it more, and more as we try and get him oxygen to use at night,


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