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Taking Smoking To A Whole New World

If you smoke or someone close to you does, then you know how much a pack of cigarettes can be. My husband does and he goes through, so many packs a week and it so adds up. There was a time when he would roll his own, then he just didn’t want to anymore. The Happy Kit Deluxe is the perfect solution. he can get the stuff he needs carry around some and he won’t smoke as much.

What is the happy kit, it is everything a smoker needs for on the go. This sleek case is portable and gives you everything you need (and never have) right at your fingertips.

With the HappyKit™ with you at all times, you’re guaranteed to have a Happy chill sesh any time you desire, whether you’re at the beach, hiking, camping, festival, concert, work ;), buddies house, or any other day to day task, HappyKit is there for you.  This is turning out to be the best thing, he is no longer going through cigarettes fast.  Acrylic magnet grinder, rolling paper + filter tips, holding tube for a rolled cigarette, elastic strap to hold Lighter, 2 Spacious Pockets.  Sick of losing your stuff? Never lose your Lighter, pipe, papers or any of your accessories ever again after owning The Happy Kit

You could buy a pack of 10 lighters and it will be gone by the weekend, probably to spend time with all your single socks and ballpoint pens you lost!! After 5 stressful minutes of accomplishing nothing, you finally understand for the first time in your life why your grandfather chewed tobacco and had milk delivered to his door.   It’s fully prepared, packed with Glass Pipe, Rolling Papers, Filters, Metal Pipe and Magnet Grinder – which all of a sudden makes you the responsible one in your group and you’re not going to lie, it kinda feels nice.


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