Plenty of us want to see the world and explore the four corners of the globe. From the Eiffel Tower to Big Ben and the Grand Canyon – there are plenty of sights to see, food to taste and sunsets to watch. Even getting out to a beach for a few hours would be good enough. However, our lives are pretty compact and busy – with plenty of work and life commitments. For one, you might be dreaming of new horizons while staring jealously at your sleeping dog – you can't leave him behind to go exploring! You don't have to.


If you've got a dog, and you want to see new things – or just get out there a bit, your dog can come with you! Obviously – it's not open borders for your furry friend, it's not even open borders for humans! However, for the large part, your dog can travel with you.


If you want to travel domestically, that's easy. If you drive, it's even easier. Simply get the right equipment (a crate or bowls are needed, as well as food and water) and get out there! There are even specialized items for doggy travel such as this from, which means it is easier than ever to get out and about with your hound. If you want to go on a roadtrip, you don't exactly need to leave the dog at home! Be sensible though – and this applies mostly for those in the States – you might not want to drive into places like the Mojave desert with the dog due to heat, or go camping in the wilderness. These can bring risks such as dehydration and wild animals to your journey – which is better off avoided. You might be looking further afield than a domestic trip, though. This can limit the places that you can take your dog – and you should try to limit it, as dogs aren't suited for plane travel – but it is still possible. The very first thing you need to do is get your dog chipped so it can be identified, and ensure it is vaccinated from a number of diseases, including rabies. Rabies is the ‘big one' here. Now, where can you go? It depends. Each country has its own rules, while the EU has one set of rules. Some countries require specific vaccinations as well. Wherever you choose to go – it pays to do research! If you don't, your dog might be stuck at the border and stuck there for a while. Plane travel is extremely uncomfortable for hounds – so only fly when necessary and be sure to make sure that your dog is comfortable. It will be a stressful journey in the dark for a dog so give them all the blankets and bedding that they need. A cuddly toy won’t go amiss either.
The two things that are best for travel with dogs? Products and research. Knowing what to do before a trip is essential, but having the right gear is a lifesaver.

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