My dad and my uncle would always have a drink together, it was the tradition and till they both passed away, it was like that every time they were together. Both liked some Whiskey and 7 up. And Barrows Intence Ginger is one like no other, 

There are so many new and exciting drinks out there today, and I am more they positive they would have loved them. There's always a new brand that has a story that goes with it. About how great and awesome this product is . Where it's from and what kind of cool ingredients are actually in it.

Well, we have found the most amazing new liquor, and this is actually made from fresh ginger, nothing else. No chemicals extracts nothing. Just plenty of ginger. Not only are you experiencing the pure taste, you're getting the bold and powerful flavor of fresh ginger.

The liquor takes its name from a name of a street Manhattans Barrow Street, this is the place the founder had invented and perfected his recipes, every single batch is created with the right amount of ginger. And the results are a bold aromatic liqueur bursting with the flavor of ginger.

The bottle itself is a great conversation piece, everyone will ask amd want to know everything about it. This is made and bottled on Brooklyn, and is a labor of love. Josh started making liqueur years ago for his friends, as a nice touch to dinner parties, he would get a great feedback. When all his friends requested they get some, he decided to take it a step further. And make is now known as Barrows Intense. Barrow's is not a cloyingly sweet syrup. It's 44 proof, and can be enjoyed on the rocks, straight, or as a delightful addition to a plethora of cocktails.

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