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When I wake up the morning I yearn for a hot drink, and I look forward to grabbing a cup of tea to drink. I am a tea fanatic and I love trying various flavors that give me a sense of calm and relaxation. I feel that tea helps comfort my stomach as well. Drinking tea throughout the day is kind of my guilty pleasure. I try all kinds with a few favorites. The highest quality of teas I could recommend is tea from The Tea Can Company. They have an excellent mission, which is to supply superb specialty teas and herbal blends packaged with a message that promotes, creates or enhances your identity.

Customized Gifts

The Tea Can Company creates really pretty custom cans for their clients various needs. Some can be for weddings as well as other special events and holidays. They package them in large tea tins, mini tins, kraft bags, and organza bags. The teas can be used as party favors. They are really adorable and I love that there is a variety of choices to choose from as per what labeling you are looking for. The Tall tin cans contain 12 tea sachets. The mini tin cans contain 4 tea sachets, and the refill bags contain 20 tea sachets. They are all very affordable.

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Specialty Teas

With all the various flavors to choose from, be it detoxing, serenity, or herbal. I have my top select choices I want to mention. The Mango Amazon tea is a special blend of black tea with ripe pieces of mango and marigold flowers. It is fragrant full and very uplifting. It can be served hot or cold. The Garden Therapy tea contains holy basil, spearmint, rose hips and lemon myrtle. It is a combination that enlightens the soul. This tea helps naturally strengthen the immune system. It also elevates mental clarity and helps lower stress. I absolutely enjoy this one! The Hibiscus Flower tea contains an exotic and enticing tropical delight.  You can definitely savor the taste of the tropics with this tart and tantalizing hibiscus tea. It was created and flavored from the earth’s most exotic flower. Hibiscus tea is believed to aid in weight loss and may lower blood pressure.

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