The Tea Can Company

The Tea Can Company is an honorable company that can definitely cater to the clientele. They make the cutest labels for any version of tea packaging that they offer. What I love is that all the labels can be customized the way you want it to look, and the Tea Can Company really does its best to honor your wishes.

Gift Them

Their teas are really great to use as giveaways for parties, like weddings and quinceneras. You can customize your own label by selecting from a menu and talking with customer service. Or there are options already ready to chose from. Besides labeling, you can also choose how much tea you would like in a package. I have the larger tea can tin which carries twelve sachets and brews up to thirty-six cups of tea. You can also pick the mini tin which contains four sachets. There are also gift bags.

Personalize Them

The predesigned labels are stunning. You virtually can pick any theme your heart desires. A drop down menu at the Tea Can Company gives a variety of choices, from Art, to Friendship, to Sentiments, to Mongograms, and many more. If you just want to try their tea without worrying about labels, that’s fine too. There are is a section that recommends their best sellers. For instance, the Tutea-Fruitea FruityToot, or the Lemon Myrtle. The tea I have featured is the breakfast blend flavor. It is a hearty blend of Assam, Ceylon and Keemun. It tastes great with a tiny bit of milk. It can be served hot or cold as well.

Father’s Day Gift Idea

Since Father’s Day is coming up, any of these teas would make a great gift. Look at the adorable label “Dads Rule” that you can choose to give to your dad. It is very fun to give a gift that is personalized for the occasion. Who doesn’t love tea, or tea in a very cute looking tin can that is personalized?

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