KidCash uses traditional incentives and popular game mechanics to naturally encourage your young ones to want to make better choices, to become more independent and strive to be their best…all with less stress on your part. Here is a run down of what those incentives are and how you can use KidCash to achieve them with your young ones.


Show them that others around them follow the same rules and incentives to make the structure you set up more trustworthy, meaningful and powerful. This is great for teaching the younger kids, how to male better choices.  This play money comes in 5 fun currencies.  So from a toddlers life, candy and their savings. We do things during the week, where they can earn some money. And if they get no violations they can, get extra money from bonuses. What we love is they are actually saving money in the bank. 

 The KidCash system emulates real life which not only makes it easy to follow, but prepares them through first-hand practice. KidCash rethinks how we approach parenting in a way that’s not only fun and easy for both parents and kids, but actually works KidCash gives your youngsters an edge on important life skills like the abilities to focus and communicate ideas effectively.

When goals and timelines are clear and predictable, the knowledge of progress and expectation of the desired goal adds an element of joy to this usually frustrating process. Structure adds stability and control to their lives as well. Your child should be able to spend dollars on something immediate, such as a Candy Dollar on a cookie. If you allow them to also use saved and unused dollars towards bigger ticket items, like a Toy Oven, they will naturally learn how to meter themselves to get there faster.


This is great the kids have been able, to earn cash and learn so much. We are so happy with this. And recommend this to all parents. 


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