When it comes to the younger kids, I like to get them presents that they can learn from. Thats where Klutz comes in, they have some great kits that can teach kids how to make things, and I am all for that. They have them something for kids of all ages.

Klutz Jr.: My Fun & Fuzzy Headband Salon

Little makers will channel their favorite animal with these trendy hair accessories they make themselves! Bend 3 different designs, a cat, a bear, or a unicorn with super fuzzy, pre-cut faux-fur stems and custom foam ear shapers. Then add self-adhesive bows, jewels, and glitter foam accessories to make the look your own. Attaching them is as easy as sliding them onto the included clips or headband and you're ready to rock your wild style!


Mini Grocery Store



Make a super-cute supermarket! Create more than 20 cute clay characters from every aisle of the grocery store: meat, produce, frozen food, and canned goods. Then make a papercraft shopping basket. Crystal-clear instructions show what clay measurements you need and custom foam shapes make challenging projects easier- just wrap the clay around them! Sprinkled throughout are plenty of ideas to customize your grocery haul with cute food labels and packaging. Don't forget your shopping list!


Grow Your Own Crystal Narwhal

Create your own sparkly, crystal-covered narwhal! This “unicorn of the sea” will shimmer with a crystal spout, horn, and tail. Bend and insert colorful pipe cleaners into your animal figurine, and then soak it in our specially formulated crystal solution to watch the crystals magically grow. Along the way, learn the science behind the magic in the included 20-page book.


My Dino Finger Puppets

Our custom finger puppet forms allow kids to magically transform air-dry clay into playable, portable, prehistoric pets. With tons of stickers, eyes, and paper accessories, each dinosaur can be as unique as a child's imagination. Make an egg for your dino to hang-out in and learn real dino facts in the 24-page instruction book.


These kits will keep your child busy and happy. Great to teach them skills and the best part they are making things. If you think your child will like these head over to Klutz and see all they have and more.



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