I just love warm tea and am learning to like it along with some milk. I have always been a die hard ice cold, sweet tea but this tea is making me change my mind.  I have a set of teas that someone has given me. I put them aside as I hate to just throw them away but was leary of trying hot tea. I am not a big hot beverage fan. But, just decided to try this tea and just may change the way I am drinking my tea and may never go back to cold tea.  I will definitely be buying and trying the rest of the flavors this company has. I have gotten into an organic and non chemical way of living and doing things and I just love that this company is this way also.

2peasinapothecary herb shop began when together they created a vision for their passion to help others reconnect by bringing you back to your natural state. They believe their hand selected teas, spices, aromatherapy, and holistic nutrition for optimal health and wellness to nourish and replenish the mind, body, and soul as one.

 Our Apothecary

Is a place where they blend and create high quality teas, spices, salves, aromatherapy, and skincare from natural botanical ingredients for restoration and nourishment.

They focus on organic and environmental sustainability and support everyone on their wellness journey with a variety of products that give you that old fashioned feel.

A blend of organic herbs and spices. Traditionally, this tea is prepared with milk and sweetened generously.


Ingredients: Organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic cloves, organic fennel, organic orange peel, organic ginger, organic licorice and organic black pepper.

Each bag contains 20 Tea Bags measuring 2oz of loose leaf tea in each bag for a great cup of tea 

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