Tech21 impactology. With bulletshield protection as used in bullet proof glass.

Impact  shield covers the front screen on the iPhone so it doesn't get scratched or crack. It has anti glare, advanced screen impact protection, anti- scratch and  it is very easy to apply. It makes it very easy to clean those finger prints smudges from your kids off the shield also.

Impactology is there promise to provide the most intelligent and up to date impact protection for your device. I was given the chance to review one for my phone and one for my iPad. They make a big difference in keeping you screen clean and protects it from scratches.

Tech21 Impact band. This case is integrated with D30 impact material. The impact material absorbs and then dissipates the shock force away from your phone when dropped. Direct access to all device features. Detachable clear back plate. This case comes in many fir rent colors. I like the material it is made of. I had another case where the material the case was made of started to Frey and crack. This didn't do that. All of my buttons and ports are accessible with this case being on my phone. I did drop the phone twice and it didn't effect the phone.

The next item I reviewed was a impact mesh iPad mini cover. It is a slim fitting, lightweight impact protective cover. You also have access to all of your ports and buttons. This also come in various colors. As I talked about with the other case it also is not a thin piece of material that cracks or tears. This is a very good quality case. I like the cases not only that they protect the phone but, they are easy to put on and also easy to remove. As for some cases you feel like you are gonna break the phone to take it off.
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