I love kids, and as a caregiver to my niece and nephew I am well versed in looking after children. We need to work on keeping children safe online, but also in real life. So, here are some of my tried and tested techniques you can use to keep your kids safe.


Being out and about with young children presents risks. Kids might run around or wander off. And it’s difficult to keep an eye on them all the time if you’re doing other things. So I would suggest you get a harness to put them in. Then you can control where they go and what they do. It’s a much safer and more secure way of parenting out and about.

Road Wary

The road is one of the biggest dangers your children are going to face. So it’s important to prepare them for facing it. Make sure they are road wary, and they understand the dangers involved. Contact 411 PAIN and get some free glow stick to give to the kids, so they are visible at night. You might also want to give them a torch too.

Hi-Vis Gear

If you have access to Hi-Vis gear, I would also recommend this. When the fall and winter start to creep in the days become much more gloomy. It gets dark much earlier, and vision can be impaired. So, you need to think about how to keep children safe in this situation. Of course, light will help, but so will Hi-Vis gear that’s going to be noticeable for drivers.

Face the Traffic

When I was a kid, I was always told that I should try to face traffic when walking along the road. The idea being that it’s easier (and quicker) for drivers to see you, and you to see them. And this is a technique I have tried to pass on. Sometimes it might be necessary to walk along a road with no footpath. So for safety reasons always encourage your children to face the oncoming traffic.

Childproof the Home

You might have very young children at present, and, if that’s the case, there are even more risks. Young children are inquisitive, but they are also not at the age to consider risks. So you need to make sure you childproof the home. That means that you protect them from themselves. I have seen pretty good childproofing kits online, so try to do a bit of research.

Stranger Danger

The key to safety is the appropriate education. So you need to make your children aware of stranger danger. Broach the subject with them, and see if it’s been mentioned in school. I think it’s important to make them aware that they shouldn’t talk to strangers. This gets them in good habits, and it saves you worrying.


I have found that setting a curfew is often a good way of ensuring safety. If the kids have a time they know they have to be back I can make sure they’re home before dark. It also means that if the kids are late or ‘no shows’ you can figure out whether something might be wrong.


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Encourage Safety in Numbers

It’s common sense that there is safety in number, and this is something you should try to instil in the kids. They are going to be much safer going out in a group than they would be on their own. So you need to try to encourage this as much as possible. I would take the approach of suggesting they walk to school with friends, or they go play in the park as a group. This gets them into the habit of spending time together.

Children are so precious and it’s our duty as caregivers to keep them safe as much as possible. Hopefully, my techniques have given you some good ideas for keeping your kids safe. Try to come up with some more of your own as well if you can.

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