Obviously, technology is reshaping the way human communication in the workplace. The way we work has been changed; the infrastructure we worked is evolved, and so the tools we communicate with each other is tainted. A few years earlier, the computer transformed the workplace and the way we worked for. Later, the Internet brings you closer and enables real-time collaboration between the workers in every corner of the world. And, now smartphones and office chat software totally changed the workplace and kept you connected.

Yes, we’ve gone from notice boards & memos to email and now its Instant messenger software world. These advancements have some challenges for effective communication and thus helps your team work together and better. This real-time challenge has even given birth to collaboration toll and shaping the world we work together. Let’s see how the workplace has been evolved from memos to the instant messenger. Shall we??

Memos in Office

A few years back, there was a memo and letters that had been a staple of human communication. Those business letters were formal, descriptive with little technical jargon. It is created using paper and titles with the company letterhead, and it is primarily used to communicate with clients, customers, and the people outside the organization.

Actually, the word memo means “something to be recalled or something to be noticed,” a shorter and informal messages which are used to request specific information from colleagues. However, memos are used to share thoughts or new information, give instructions, respond to flaws, and create a paper trail for future references.

How does it look like?

Whether it’s typically said or rumor one, paper memos should be like an instruction rather than dialogue. Generally, employees wrote memos and sealed them with the routing envelops, which is easier to pick up, processed, sorted, and delivery by postmasters or mailroom clerk.

Here’s a sample memo, those one can’t be seen by this new generation people. Just have a look at it.

Email is stepping Out Later

Do you know, we went nuts for email even before the internet revolution? Yes, it’s true! Going ahead to the PC revolution and the birth of the Internet, email becomes the de facto means of workplace communication. Employees can send and receive information to one another at the click of a button. Later, email registered as the king of workplace communication today.

According to this, the recent survey stats that more than 3.8 billion people use email right now, which is half of the human population on this planet. Moreover, in this modern workplace, an average employee receives about 121 emails, and from that, 40 mails are about the business plan.

An email today is the same as a memo or letter except for the faster delivery. However, it mimics a mailbox to collect incoming messages and send outgoing ones, and that’s too slow for modern business. So, what’s the drawback in it?

An email thread with dozen of coworkers sending replies every few minutes to discuss a project or task? Yes, the same email thread can get confusion and real long-winded quick. This is the only reason many of the modern work cultures directly led to the development of audio and video conferencing system and instant-messaging tools.

Instant Messenger Evolution Begins

Some of the modern office chat software empowers businesses to communicate in real-time from any place of the world. In that line, there are various tools booming up and helps to build an open and friendly-culture platform within businesses of all sizes.

With the team chat platforms make the workplace happier, open, productive, and even stay connected with employees if they were in outstations.

Accordingly, the one-to-one communication made modern workplaces happier, productive, and create a stress-free environment. With the build-in features in instant messenger software, the physical co-location is no longer a barrier to effective and instant communication. Moreover, private chats, group conversation, file sharing, and more features make employees communicate effectively.

Summing Up

From the above instances, workplace communication has grown in an incredible way, and technology has expanded our possibilities at work.  If you’re ready to create a meaningful and productive working environment, many of the right tools and platforms are out there waiting for you. Grab your chance and go ahead.

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