Who doesn’t love teddy bears? Young or old, there is just something about a teddy bear that everyone loves.  I remember when my daughter was born she got a special teddy bear that to this day I will not part with.  I got my parents his and her teddy bears for their 25th wedding anniversary 20 years ago and they still have those too.  


TG Bears makes handmade teddy bears that can even be personalized.  Nothing is more special for a special occasion or as a unique gift than a custom made teddy bear.  TG Bears makes awareness bears, for example, for epilepsy, autism, and fibromyalgia, among others.  They have specialty bears for graduation, Valentine’s Day (which is fast approaching!), and even a proposal bear! How cute is that!! A ring and a bear, the lucky lady will be in heaven! That is just a few examples of their specialty bears. They also have bears especially for boys and especially for girls.  

You can find something for anyone for any occasion and since they are all handmade it is a special gift that anyone will cherish for years to come and will become a very special gift that will last forever.  If you have an idea for something that you do not see, you can contact TG Bears via the website who handcrafts each bear and she discuss details with her as she does do special requests!

Finding teddy bears is an easy thing to do – you just need to walk into a store and buy one, but what is special about those bears? They are a dime a dozen, made in a manufacturing plant and shipped out.  Nothing personal or special about them.  TG Bears are so soft and the bears are even jointed with safety joints which makes them child safe! Plus the fact that these are special and unique because they are handmade and may be personalized or customed to how you want them.  These teddy bears are in a class all their own and will have anyone smiling from ear to ear whether they are 2 or 82!


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