Teddy Tried a VeggieI am a huge advocate for reading to children, especially my own child. I also encourage healthy eating in our house. Teddy Tries a Veggie helps me accomplish both of those goals. Teddy is a 6 year old little girl that loves to garden and help in the kitchen but she hates vegetables. I have a 5 year old little girl that also loves to garden and help in the kitchen. However, I'm lucky, she'll eat a fair amount of vegetables.  But I can always use some help to get her to try more. Teddy and her dad have a garden where they grow various fruits and vegetables. One day when Teddy is out in the yard she hears something. So her dog, Charlie, and her go to investigate. That's when they discover the fruits and vegetables having a concert! The fruits take the stage first and sound just horrible. But Teddy is polite and claps anyways. Then the vegetables get on stage and they do not sound very good either. Again, Teddy claps to be polite. Then, out of nowhere, germs come riding up, threatening to turn the garden gray. 

What are they to do? Teddy remembers her father telling her how she needs to eat a balance of fruits and vegetables because they work in unison to keep her healthy. That's when it hit Teddy. They need to work together to defeat the germs! Teddy convinces the fruits and vegetables to play on stage together and it works. They defeat the germs and take back the garden! 

This is a great story for kids to read to their parents or parents to read to their children.  It teaches the kids that if you eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables you will be healthier. I also liked how at the end there was a quiz to see if you had learned anything. And there is also the recipe for the dish Teddy makes in the story. Jennifer Glockner, RDN did a wonderful job at educating children about the benefits of fruits and vegetables in a fun and engaging way.

Teddy Tries a Veggie Germs

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