The Knot Genie

My daughter has curly hair. Well, curly hair makes brushing her hair an adventure. Over the years, I have tried every brush I could get my hands on. All of them would pull and cause pain while I was trying to brush out my daughter's hair. Have you ever tried to brush a squirrely 2-year-old with a brush that just yanks at the snarls and knots? It's not fun. Then I came across the Teeny Genie Knot Genie while we were getting her hair cut.

The Knot GenieMy daughter, then a 3-year-old, loved the Knot Genie because of all the fun colors and designs on them. I was willing to give anything a try so I bought one. The next night was bath night. After washing her hair I reached for the Knot Genie and we started our hair brushing adventure.

I remember she had some big snarls in her hair that night. I sprayed a little detangler on them and started working through them with the Knot Genie. You know what? There were no tears, fussing or screaming! The Knot Genie worked the knots out without tugging and pulling on her hair and scalp. It was such a huge relief! The secret is in the bristles. The Knot Genie has several different length bristles making it much easier to comb out the hair without damaging it.

Knot GenieWe have now been using the Knot Genie for over 3 years and it's the only brush I will use on my daughter's hair.  I prefer using the smaller size Knot Genie because I find it easier to hold and work on my daughter's hair. But as she gets older I could see us switching to the larger size. There is also a Knot Genie with a handle. But I love having the control of being able to really work at a snarl with the small one.

My daughter's favorite thing about the Knot Genie is the different prints and styles that come out. She has collected a few different ones over the years. You can find The Knot Genie online or at your local children's hair salon.

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