In 2002, stay at home mothers, Kendra and Amy, came together and formed Smart Mom LLC. They had a vision of making teethable jewelry that was fashionable for mothers to wear and safe for babies to chew on. They are also a family orientated business so if you call them, don’t be surprised if you hear the joyful squeals of children in the background, as they allow children in their office.


Haveing learned from my niece and nephew teething and always biting on my bracelets I have a bracelet that has two set of teeth marks from them and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Heres a good piece of jewelry that u can wear and they can put in their mouths. Its called Teething Bling a wonderful idea made by Smart Mom Jewlery. And I got a chance to review it and talk about how great this is . The necklace hangs from a black silky cord and has a breakaway clasp. I would recommend this to all mom or moms to be a great necklace and a teething ring to boot. So this is a great idea as a gift and I would recommend getting this .For all the new moms out there so they have something your baby can teeth on that's also safe.

A lot of companies say they’re ‘family friendly.’ We are actually walking the walk. We give our team members their assignments and let them go, allowing them to work around their family schedules. We welcome children in our offices (you may hear crying babies in the background here, too!) and are always looking for ways to help other Moms. For us, family truly does come first.

Yo learn more about the company do so here.

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