GPS systems have become common features in cars these days – earlier, it was an optional aspect, but nowadays most vehicles are incorporated with it.  An auto GPS system is also commonly referred to as a GPS receiver. When activated, it gives the exact location of a vehicle. While this characteristic is perhaps the most important, as it can be used to help out in emergencies or in the event of theft, location is not the only piece of information that an auto GPS system can divulge. Many auto GPS systems can also give information on the speed of the vehicle being driven, as well as where it has been in the past!– But handheld GPS devices are super convenient and exist for many purposes. For example, hikers may have their favorite GPS devices while bikers may have others.

Vision and Sound

Modern GPS systems have a sound function as well as just visual routes. This is a preference for most when they have to concentrate on the road ahead and can't focus fully on the GPS screen. A perfectly clear voice-over feature can explain the routes so you have to listen carefully and keep eyes on the road. This could also class as a safety feature when you think about it.

Places of Interest

We can’t deny that one of the great features of auto GPS systems is locating your nearest restaurant or gas station when you are in an unknown area. In some of the top models you can even narrow your search to find the nearest restaurant of a certain cuisine. While mentioning points of interest, you can also locate banks, hotels and tourist attractions!

Entertainment Center

Systems with a good sized memory and a touch screen can also be used as a portable media center! Use a USB cable to transfer media data to your GPS memory and later rig it up to an external speaker. Driving to work and road trips is now all the more fun.


Buying a GPS system with Bluetooth, allows you to connect with your phone for handsfree calls – without the use of a headset. Furthermore, if you needed to book into a hotel last minute – you could locate one on your GPS and call the number provided.


Another awesome feature of some GPS systems is a live news-tracker in correspondence about what is happening on your planned route. If there is congestion, your GPS system can suggest an alternative route plan.

So please ensure you keep these features in mind before buying the best GPS for your vehicle.

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