Anytime I can get a new watch, I do a man or woman can never have too many of anything and that includes watches. I know my brother in law, loves watches and anytime I can get him one I try my best too, and of course anything with radios.

Vaglio Watches are so beautifully made and are handcrafted from some of the finest watchmakers in Switzerland. Famiglia Vaglio watches may be new in name, but they are traditional in soul and timeless in quality. These are some of the most beautiful authentic watches, great for anyone thats special to you.

Growing up we always had some kind of watch, our grandpa was a watch and clock maker and it rubbed off on us girls, we love watches and clocks.



A Vaglio Collectors Edition watch is handcrafted in Switzerland, distinctly carrying the label Swiss Made. It is an automatic mechanical timepiece crafted in 316L Stainless Steel with a scratch proof Sapphire bezel—the finest in its class. Our timepieces are rated as waterproof to 5 atmospheres and its Swiss movement is one of the finest and easiest to maintain. Vaglio timepieces are defined by the high-quality materials used to build them and classical design. These watches are the product of our passion for things mechanical, years of curiosity and a desire to build an enduring legacy.

This watch is made of great quality, making it a centerpiece of any discussion, everyone seems to be drawn to it when my husband wears it, people ask where he got it from and how nicely made it is. Everything is gorgeous down to every single detail.


The Pilota (Pilot or Race Driver) is a unique new look in sport watches. Matte black throughout and machined in hardened 316L Stainless steel, in daylight it has the look of an ultra-rugged pilot’s watch with the second hand sweeping the outer registers and the hour/minute hands sweeping the inner registers in iridescent blue. At night, the iridescent blue components jump off the face to create a one-of- a-kind look. This watch is casual, but certainly not common.

Now, this is a watch that can be used, for all occasions.  Wear it as an everyday watch, when your out and about and can even be used as a night out on the town watch, he loves this one as well.

No matter what kind of a watch you're looking for, these watches will be the perfect match for you, style and unique are all you need.

Some facts about the name

Our company bears the name of our family who emigrated from Vaglio, Italy at the turn of the century. Arriving first in Costa Rica, my great grandfather, Quinto Vaglio, built the railroad system that boosted the country’s economy, and fathered twelve children. One of those twelve, Carlos Vaglio, emigrated to the United States with my beloved “Abuela”, Dora, and their three children: Raphael, a highly decorated veteran, Carlos, an accomplished international banker, and my mother, Ana, a successful banker in her own right who married my father Richard A. Barreto. Together, they had two children, Richard and myself, Robert (Vaglio) Barreto, founder of Famiglia Vaglio brand. My fabulous wife Karen and our amazing children, Robert and Katherine, are proud to follow in the footsteps of this colorful, wonderful and proud family and hope to share some of their stories as we go. Thank you for considering a Vaglio product, and we hope you join us as we build upon this legacy.


The maker

Famiglia Vaglio is committed to delivering value over price, quality over quantity, and innovation and exclusivity that will last for generations.

Fine watches are traditionally brought to market through multiple layers of distribution, third party resellers, expansive marketing budgets, celebrity endorsements and extensive overhead, resulting in the price of the watch far exceeding its actual value.

Our philosophy is to design unique timepieces, custom manufacturing many of the components to our exact specification while utilizing the same elements found in the finest watches, and then breaking the traditional sales model by selling directly to our clients.

It is also our belief that what translates into collectible value are the materials used in manufacturing, the appearance and the documented exclusivity of ownership. This is why we use the finest materials, apply unique design elements and limit the quantity of our collectable series.



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