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Temperature Regulated Clothing

I Love My Temperature Regulated Clothing – It's Also From Recycled Materials

Imagine the Earth we could create if every clothing company used recycled materials.  Not only that, but we'd all be so comfortable wearing temperature regulated clothing too.  I get hot so easily and I'm sure that's due to my age and weight.  I'm always looking for a way to cool down!  I was quite excited when I got a package from Cheegs but very quickly saw that their clothing is for men.  At first I laughed but then I figured who cares?  I'm going to try and use what they sent. They sent me their 2.0 Collar Free Future Long Sleeve in Light Blue (Recycled), socks, and a light blue mask.  Unfortunately, the shirt isn't large enough for me but I'll be wearing the other two!

I'm Always Thinking About The Temperature

As I said earlier, I'm always hot.  No matter what I wear I'm sweating or over heated.  I love the idea of Cheegs temperature regulated clothing.  Why can't they make this in women's clothing?  Well, at least I have a beautiful shirt for my son.  He'll be very happy, plus he doesn't have any nice shirts.  I might be nice and give him the socks too, but we'll have to see if he behaves.  I love a company that actually thinks about the merchandise they make so that it helps their customers.  It's not just about the dollar, it's about helping them. You can find all you need in thrift stores even masks.

Let's Talk About The Mask

I am in love with this mask that they sent me.  It has those adjustable straps for the ears which really comes in handy.  It's also the most comfortable mask I've worn because of the soft material.  I'm assuming its also recycled and temperature regulated because it's made from the same material as the shirt.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

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