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Tennis Anyone?

If you’re a tennis player, you know how invigorating a good game can be. And you also know that you want to win! Well … if you want to improve your game but don’t want to pay for an instructor to tell you where you’re the strongest and where you need improvement … you need a QLIPP™ Performance Sensor. This lightweight (8g) sensor attaches directly to your tennis racket with a twist and lock design. It wirelessly transfers all of the data in real time to your mobile device using the QLIPP™ mobile app.

What If You’re Not A Techno-Geek?

Connection is so easy! “Simply turn on the bluetooth on your device, launch the App and turn on the sensor. The sensor will automatically search and connect to your device (QLIPPTM uses the latest version of Bluetooth and requires no pairing). You are now ready to start your first session with QLIPPTM.”

What Will QLIPP Do For You?

Have you ever watched yourself playing tennis? Most likely not unless you’ve had a friend video you or you’ve been on TV. With QLIPP™ you can use the video the Video Mode for video playback in real time or slow motion. Check your posture, watch your swing for weaknesses, and even share your videos with friends.

Want to know how you’re doing on your forehand and backhand? The QLIPP™ mobile app records every part of your stroke: spin, speed, and sweet-spot accuracy. Unlike with an instructor, you won’t even know it’s there until you’re ready to review your shots.


Here’s a fun idea … with the QLIPP™ mobile app, you can share your stats with other QLIPP™ users and compare games. You can enter challenges with other users everywhere! Connect with tennis pros for free tips on how to improve your game. Share tips with others. There’s a whole tennis community out there just waiting for you to join them … even when you don’t live in the same state. Amazing!

Track Your Health

Keep track of the calories you burn during a session with the Health Summary. Set monthly goals for yourself and monitor your progress every time you finish a game or periodically throughout the month.

If you’re looking for gift giving ideas … how about giving a QLIPP™ Performance Sensor along with a gift certificate for some court time? What tennis player wouldn’t love to receive such a special gift? Maybe they’ll even invite you to play, too.

Connect more with QLIPP™  on their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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