Terracycle takes waste ranging from candy bar wrappers, drink pouches, old circuit boards to Aveeno lotion containers and create NEW products out of them. Not only can you make money by sending in your waste to them, you can buy sweet products in return! It also looks like this would be a great fundraiser opportunity for an organization to collect drink pouches and other materials Terracycle recycles. I am thoroughly pleased when looking at companies such as Terracycle, who are obviously committed to the environment.

Basically what Terracycle does is transform trash into treasure, really it couldn't be put any better! Their goal is to eliminate the idea of waste by creating collection and solution systems for anything that would normally be sent to a landfill.
the GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA          For my review I received the Tositos  bag that I can use as a grocery bag or to carry things when we go away its very strong and roomy and I also received a back pack that im going to give to my nephew Miguel for christmas with his gifts inside a cute idea to store some presents.


Terra Cycle is a company founded in 2001 by Tom Szaky a Princeton University freshman.  Their entire motto is the idea of taking garbage and turning it into something useful.  I’m not talking about recycled things that resemble their former self – there is no used paper that has been turned into pulp and regurgitated into crispy, clean white sheets.  Terra Cycle is taking the chips bags from Doritos and the used wrappers from Skittles and making pencil pouches, binders and backpacks.  They are breaking down the Capri Sun drink pouches and making fence posts (!!) and all-natural de-icer for your driveway.  It’s an entire conglomeration of new found purposes for old, used up items


Terracycle allows you to send in your trash in exchange for a 2 cent donation to your choice of school or charity for each qualified piece of waste that you send in.  Besides the cash payment option they have also added a number of other great ways to reward you and your teams for your collections.  Your points will either be redeemed for a charitable donation or you may select from a range of charity gifts including providing fresh drinking water,  providing meals or other helpful gifts that the world can benefit from.  To date Terracycle(with your help) has collected 2,007,013,927 units of waste and provided $2,839,836,66 in money for charity.  You can learn more about their Points Program Overview here.

TerraCycle's goal is to educate, engage and inspire families, students and everyone else to be more aware and active around environmental issues! We want to show the world that going green can be fun, easy and profitable for all!

Download this flier to share with your organization if you are thinking of getting started with TerraCycle: http://bit.ly/f9D7t


USPS Tote Bags, Pouches, and Cases: The mail sack pouch, tote, and iPad case are handmade from repurposed USPS mail sacks. The pouch is perfect for stashing cash, credit cards, and keys. The iPad case is lined with a gentle ultrasuede to protect your iPad, Kindle, or Nook with an outside pocket perfect for chargers. This is a great supplementary gift if you’re thinking of buying your loved one a tablet or e-reader for the holidays. This is also the first time in history the USPS will allow their bags to be reused to become new products! Pouches, iPad cases, and tote bags are available on www.uncommongoods.com and www.terracycleshop.com.

Recycled Chip Bag Totes: TerraCycle has created a line of innovative, recycled chip bag totes. This colorful and functional ReTote is made from pre-consumer waste from the Lays Classic packaging material. These large tote bags are a great choice for groceries or a trip to the beach. These products are available on www.uncommongoods.com and www.terracycleshop.com.

Drink Pouch Backpacks: The TerraCycle Drink Pouch Backpack is made of waste drink pouch material. TerraCycle diverts tons of waste juice pouch material annually, and has collected more than 1.5 million pouches through the Drink Pouch Brigade. The drink pouch backpack is a great gift for kids any time of year. These backpacks are made from pre-consumer waste that would normally be discarded in a landfill. Backpacks are available on www.uncommongoods.com and www.terracycleshop.com



If you would like to purchase TerraCycle products for yourself or someone who loves repurposed products, please visit the TerraCycle website. TerraCycle products are also available for purchase at a wide range of major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target. Be sure to stay up to date on all of the latest news and products by following their social media pages on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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