Terracycle's all-purpose fertilizer is from liquefied worm poop. Natures premiere fertilizer. Packaged in a used 20 ounce soda bottle.
Terra cycle fertilizers are the products that started the up cycling revolution. With special formulations for each type of plant. Gardener's are sure to find one of terracycle's organic
Fertilizers that will suit their needs.
I was a little nervous about this product. I have never heard about worm poop fertilizer. I did give it a try on my roses which were not doing that great this year after the harsh winter we had. I though I might be tearing them out and having to replantnew next year. After. A couple of days of using the worm poop fertilizer I has seen new leaves growing and it's coming back to life.i am so looking forward to trying some of their other gardening products.The urban art trash can. What can I say. It's very cute design and can use it for many things. It is made from recycled plastic. The bright trash can is made from computers and other business equipment that is then hand painted by urban artists.
They are made from 100 percent e-waste plastic. E-waste is the plastic casings from everything from printers to tv to telephones. The amount of E-waste being produced in the US is rapidly growing every year. To help offset this loss of resources,terracycle's is up cycling E-waste into trash cans. The cans are lightweight and nearly indestructible. Plus each pot is hand painted by inner city artists from Trenton.TerraCycle upcycles and recycles traditionally non-recycable waste (including drink pouches, chip bags, tooth brushes and many more) into a large variety of consumer products. These products keep waste out of our landfills and contribute to a cleaner world. TerraCycle products are available at a wide range of major retailers from Wal*Mart to Target as well as online. For more information click here

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