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All babies are different. But a general rule of thumb is that newborns are much easier to take pictures with when they are 10 days old or younger. In comparison, a baby older than two weeks may start to get cranky and can’t sit still when you are trying to capture that perfect image.

That’s why most professional newborn photographers will abide by the “10 Day Rule”, dictating the easiest (and cutest!) time to take photos of your child.

Why 10 Days?

The first 10 days of a newborn’s life are critical for his health and development. In fact, Very Well Family mentions that between 3 and 10 days is when they are at their ideal weight and serenity. It is easier to get newborns to curl into those adorable, cuddly, sleepy poses for pictures when they are less than 10 days old. After they start growing older than two weeks, they are more restless and irritable.While births can come sooner or later than the due date, it is a good way to estimate that the baby will be within the first 10 days of his life when the photography appointment is due.


The first week of your baby’s life is one of the most special times you can experience. You are witnessing the dawn of a new human, and seeing their first steps of growth can be thrilling. Capture these moments while you can, because development will start happening fast.

Want A “Womb-Like” Pose?

Most professional newborn photographers will only take pictures of babies who are younger than two weeks old. This is when they are most likely to assume the womb-like poses that many parents prefer for their newborn’s photos. They curl up, snuggle, and sleep most of the time, making it the easiest photoshoot ever. 

When Should the Appointment be Scheduled?

You’ll want to schedule your appointment with the professional newborn photographer of your choice as soon as possible. Don’t wait until after the baby is born. It is usually a good idea to schedule an appointment for one week after the due date. While births can come sooner or later than the due date, it is a good way to estimate that the baby will be within the first 10 days of his life when the photography appointment is due.

What if Your Baby is Older than Two Weeks?

Two-week-old babies are still considered newborns, and it is still easy to get a series of adorable photos taken before they grow any older. Some babies within this age range may not cooperate well with their clothes taken off, or they might not want to curl into those womb-like poses. But it’s still possible to have beautiful, cherished photographs taken of your child with professional quality.

Session Unsuccessful? You Can Always Reschedule?

On occasion, there are babies who just can’t cooperate during the photo shoot. That’s okay! That’s what babies do. Some of them are more restless than others, and maybe you caught them on a particularly grumpy day. Reschedule for a few days later and see if the second session goes any better. With any luck, your beautiful child will curl into an adorable pose that can be printed and framed on your wall in your home forever.


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