The bitcoin boom of 2017 made thousands of people millionaires overnight, which only increased the amount of interest in the formerly obscure cryptocurrency. This boom was not felt only by those in the bitcoin sphere, dozens of other cryptocurrencies also jumped just as many percentage points as bitcoin made during the boom cycle. 


Many of these investors were able to sell their very profitable shares in the crypto market before another bust cycle occurred and became filthy rich. Others held on for too long and saw their fortunes evaporate just as quickly as they accumulated. The true winners who were to able sell their bitcoin at a massive profit and then reinvest a portion of the newfound income back into bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


While most rich lists only share the amount of money held by individual wallets, who are some of the power players in the crypto shop investing sphere?


Naturally, morbid curiosity and perhaps envy has led me to compile the following list of wealthy cryptocurrency investors:

Ripple: Chris Larsen

The co-founder of the Ripple cryptocurrency, Chris Larsen, holds 5.19 billion in the currency at most recent reporting, and at the current price of approximately 37 cents in US dollars that places his crypto wallet value at over a billion dollars US. His total net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $7 billion and $8.5 billion, so it’s safe to say he’s fairly loaded.

Ethereum: Joseph Lubin

While his crypto holdings aren’t publicly available, Joseph Lubin is thought to have had a crypto net worth somewhere in the realm of $1-$5 billion dollars US. He’s one of the co-founders of the ethereum cryptocurrency and have remained active in the proliferation efforts of ethereum for some years now.

Multiple: Changpeng Zhao

Zhao is the creator of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which is the largest crypto-exchange platform currently in use with over 6 million accounts. His crypto net worth is estimated to be somewhere in the realm of $1.1-$2 billion dollars US.

Bitcoin: Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss

You might remember these two as being dramatized in the film The Social Network as the people Mark Zuckerberg edged out of Facebook. Far from becoming unknown and penniless, they’ve leveraged their wealth in bitcoin to amass a crypto net worth somewhere in the realm of a billion dollars. That puts them firmly within the bitcoin rich list. In fact, they even have their own New-York based exchange that processes more than $300 million in daily transactions. Safe to say that once in a lifetime opportunities come a bit more often to the Winklevoss twins than to most people.

Parting Words


Nearly everyone on this list was instrumental in increasing the reputation and availability of their respective cryptocurrencies and then profited immensely from their endeavours. Few of the people who top the richest list are your average person who just managed to buy thousands of bitcoins while they were still going for pennies and then sell them when they hit the all-time high of $19870 dollars in 2017.  Needless to say, if you really want to make it big in the crypto industry, you’re going to have to put in some serious work. So without more delays, make a start to get profits through the bitcoin profit login at the gainful periods.

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