Jeep Grand Cherokees have been an SUV favorite across the world for many years now. They have come to symbolize power, style, utility and all the best traditions of American automotive ruggedness. They haven’t exactly been on the “budget” end of the sales spectrum, however, which means that for many, owning one of the Grand Cherokee trims, even the standard one, was something of a pipe dream. In this piece, though, we want to both point out and argue for the idea of a lease. There are great offers available which make the Grand Cherokee, not to mention great other models like the Jeep Gladiator, more accessible than ever.


So why is a lease a good idea and how does it help more people take advantage of this great brand?


First – it spreads the cost in a more manageable way

When you have a car lease, you put in an initial payment and then pay month to month after that. At the end of the lease period, you can trade it back in and upgrade to something new either at the same rate or very close. Your budget never has to change, but your cars can just keep getting better and better.


Second – it gives you more choice, and allows you to shop “up”

When you opt for a lease, you open yourself up to more model and trim choices. You don’t have to just stick with the Grand Cherokee Laredo, you could upgrade to the Altitude or Limited models instead and get a lot more for your money. As mentioned above, spreading the cost means you can consider models you never thought you could.


Third – you won’t have to worry about depreciation

When you lease your Grand Cherokee, you use it for a period like 42 months and at the end of it you can trade it back in and get the latest thing. This much we know. But have you considered the alternative when you buy something? A car is a great asset and having one is a must, but it’s not like owning a house that appreciates over time. Your car is a downhill asset. Lease and forget about depreciation.


Fourth – you can still build credit, which serves you well later

You may think that getting a loan and buying a car is good because it helps beef up your credit score. Did you know that leasing does the same thing? Yes, when you lease a car, you are also building your credit score, and that sets you in great store for later on if you plan to take out a mortgage or other credit.


Our dealership has great offers on Jeep Grand Cherokee, Gladiator, Compass and other models for lease options. Check out our full range and see how we can help get you on the road in a brand-new Jeep today.


For all your car needs m head over to East Hills Jeep where they treat you like family. 

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