The 3 Best Circular Saw Guide Rails of 2021

if you've got a circular saw, you recognize that there's only the littlest of measurements indifference when it involves an ideal cut versus a cut that’s everywhere the place, ruining your stock.
Even the hobbyist or contractor with years of experience under their belts can make these mistakes – and that they can often be very expensive ones, as you finish up wasting stock because of cutting through using incorrect measurements.
But, how can this be avoided? Quite easily, in fact. If you've got a circular saw guide rail. These aim to form your work more precise, so these mistakes are often avoided.

That’s why we’ve created this article source for the simplest circular saw guide rails that you simply can find on the market today.

  • DeWalt DWS5100 Dual-Port Folding Rip Guide
    • WoodRiver Guide Rail
    • Kreg KMA2700 circular saw Track

    DeWalt DWS5100 Dual-Port Folding Rip Guide:

    It couldn’t be a tool or tool accessory review without a DeWalt product, could it?
    The DWS5100 from DeWalt features a 12” to 14” capacity to form cuts, and this length is totally hooked in to the blade’s position within your circular saw. The DWS5100 features a 12” features a 12” ripping capacity on its left side, and a 14-½” rip capacity on the proper side, which allows you to form maximum width cuts.
    It’s built with durable aluminum, which is additionally lightweight – meaning the DWS5100 is ideal when it involves transport from site to site. The DWS5100 also can fold, reducing the space you employ – perfect for straightforward storage.
    These aren’t the sole features that you’ll enjoy when it involves the DWS5100, as you’ll see below:

  • Max weight of 1.2 lbs
    • Fold length of 19” and up to 3” wide
    • 12” to 14” range when it involves ripping capacity
    • Laser markings that won’t wear over time
    • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum construction

    What’s Included?

  • 1 x DEWALT DWS5100 12-Inch Dual-Port Folding Rip Guide

    WoodRiver Guide Rail:

    To round off our review of the five best guard rails available, we've the WoodRiver guide rail.
    The WoodRiver Guide Rail are often found on the expensive end of the size in comparison to the opposite guide rails reviewed today, but there are definitely some good reasons on why it’s worth its price.
    Firstly, let’s mention the heavy-duty aluminum extrusions, to which the guard rail features two of – measuring at 56”. This enables you to form almost any cuts, like cutting at acute angles, ripping through quickly, crosscutting, or routing – to which these are often done on almost any size.
    The aluminum designs give the WoodRiver guide rail a light-weight, but durable finish – meaning it can withstand pressures and therefore the constant movement if in transit between sites.

    What else is there to like about the WoodRiver Guide Rail? Determine within the list below:

  • Two 56″ Guide Rail components
    • Guide rail clamps to secure the guide rails
    • Aluminum design
    • Clamps swivel about the “T” shaped anchor at any angle
    • Guide rail component features a 2-1/8″ x 1/2″ profile
    • 1/4″ T-tracks

    What’s Included?

  • 1 x WoodRiver Guide Rail

    Kreg KMA2700 circular saw Track:

    We start our review of the five best circulars saw guide rails by watching the Kreg KMA2700 circular saw Track.
    This model has been classed as ‘one of the simplest, by professionals and critics alike – and we’ll delve into why these reviews are so favourable`. With many circular saws, it are often difficult, as you’d need to push your material into the saw itself – when it should be completely the other.
    The KMA2700 holds the track in situ, without clamps, too – and this is often because of the anti-slip guide strips which aim to scale back movement and shaking when cutting. you merely need to align the Guide Track together with your marking to reinforce the accuracy of your cuts – which makes your work much easier, doesn’t it?

    And that’s exactly what you’re trying to find in quality guard rails, and we’ve covered the qualities and specifications within the list below:

    • Cuts up to 48” plywood’s and other large panels
    • Make rip, angled and cross cuts
    • Starting block included
    • Guide Track for accurate cutting
    • No clamps necessary with anti-slip guide strips
    • Anti-chip strips that support material during the cut prevent splintering
    • Take the fabric to the saw rather than the other way
    • Anti-slip coating
    • Accu-cut is ideal for both the beginner and therefore the experienced professional

What’s included?

• 1 x Universal saw sled
• 2 x 26.5″ Aluminium guide tracks
• 2 x Track connectors
• 1 x block
• 1 x Track indicator clip

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