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The Anatomy Of AC Inspections And How Important It Is

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One of the most important pieces of equipment in any home or business in today's day and age is your air conditioner. It's more than just a want for comfort. Rather, it's also a necessity for optimum health at home and productivity in the workplace.

It's also noteworthy to remember that AC units can also be quite expensive. Moreover, they can only function as effectively as how they've been maintained. This puts an obligation on the homeowner or business owner to ensure that their AC units get regular inspections.

Here's a guide on AC inspections and why going through one is important, be it for your home or your office.


What Goes on in an AC Inspection

Before delving into the importance of AC inspections, it's important to start first with information on what goes on in an AC inspection. This information beefs up your knowledge to make you better understand why it's so important.

During a routine AC inspection, the professionals who do that job typically go through the following parts:

This ensures that the AC inspection is thorough as possible to stay on top of any maintenance issues that need to be completed.


Who Performs an AC Inspection

An AC inspection is a highly technical task, which must only be done by an energy assessor or contractor who is also a current member of an accreditation scheme. These are experts, such as DM Select Services – cooling inspection, one of the many in your area, to stay on track with your AC unit's function and efficiency. By doing so, you're certain that the professional performing the assessment is well equipped with the right knowledge and skills to get that job done accurately.

If not, then the results of the inspection may be compromised, and therefore also rendered useless.

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Why An AC Inspection Is Important

Now that you understand what goes on in an AC inspection, here are key reasons why this inspection is important.


  1. It Gives You Expert Advice Through the AC Inspection Report

After the AC inspection, you'll be presented with a report that'll give you expert insights and advice on your AC unit's condition. This report can present you with insightful information like the following:

  • The current state of efficiency of the system and what can be done to improve this.
  • The means to improve and optimize the performance of your AC units, given their current condition.
  • The faults identified and any repair action which needs to be performed.

Generally, there's no legal requirement to act on the recommendations coming out from the inspection. But, it's more of your responsibility as the homeowner or business owner to take seriously the report, done by experts themselves, to ensure your AC functions well and effectively enough for a longer time frame.


  1. It Ensures the Health Safety of Everyone Inside the Home or Building

Your AC units do more than just cool a room. If it's not regularly inspected, your AC unit may be letting out filth and dirt stuck on the ventilation or filtration system of the AC unit. This means that while the AC unit is cooling the room, it's also blowing out dirty air.

This is very dangerous, particularly if there are individuals who live in the home or work in that building who are asthmatic or have an allergy to dust. Poor indoor air quality also puts the individuals regularly exposed to it at a higher risk of breathing problems.

When you take the proactive approach of subjecting your AC units to regular inspections, the inspector may be able to identify these risks early on. Hence, the problem is solved before it even escalates to uncontrollable and dangerous levels.


  1. It Eliminates High Utility Bills

When your AC isn't well inspected, serviced, and maintained, it may end up using more energy than it should really be using. In the long run, this fact gives you an increase in your utility bills.

If you notice your electricity bill increasing, with the consumption staying the same, then this may be an indication that your AC units are no longer as energy-efficient as they should be. Going through a regular inspection can prevent this from happening, so you can also stay on top of your energy expense.


  1. It Improves Air Circulation

Apart from keeping the energy efficiency at an optimized rate, a regular inspection can also improve the air circulation in your home or office. Your AC units may need to undergo an overhaul to ensure that the air easily flows, unobstructed through the air passages and ducts that have been previously set up in the building.

Without AC inspection, you may not be aware of any build-up of molds, dirt, and dust on the ducts, which could be blocking the easy and smooth flow of air circulation throughout the room.



In closing, have you given it much thought now when the last time was that you subjected your AC units to a full inspection? Generally, this is something you'll want to go through at least once every six months. 

After all, it's only through regular servicing that your AC unit can function as efficiently and well as it should. When your AC units are well inspected and serviced, you can also prolong their life, so you don't have to regularly go through a new AC unit frequently.


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