This DIY kit is made by Belgard. It comes ready-to-assemble with all the pieces and instructions needed to build your own outdoor fire pit. It can be placed on an existing patio or landscape. Why not add a great focal point to your outdoor landscape? A firepit can be placed on an existing patio area or landscape. Fire Pits can be electric too. The Ashland Concrete Firepit Kit From Lowe’s is a great firepit.  The electric fireplace can also be used inside and outside. An outdoor electric fireplace provides an ambient glow of standard fires and emits heat. Few models require an open-air cover that protects them against the components when it isn't in use.  When choosing an area to put the fireplaces, Pick a place that's unshielded, tidy, and is absent from traffic.

The stones weigh at 20lbs each. Each layer will be 12 stones each. You may opt to use concrete adhesive or not. We did not because when we move, we will be taking our firepit with us! It is stable as is, with no concrete adhesive. You'll need approximately 2 large tubes or 4-5 regular size tubes. You will want to run larger than normal lines of the adhesive in order for it to make complete contact with the uneven surface of the stones. Cut the tube opening to at least 1/2″, better at 5/8″. The online PDF instructions don't call for it, however, you may opt to hose down the stones before assembling in order to remove extra dust to ensure a cleaner surface for the concrete adhesive.

When assembling, we suggest to use the metal ring as a guide for your first layer so you can get the circumference correct. Without the ring as your guide, your stones could be off from where they need to be. Once you lay out the first row of your fire pit circle, start your second row with the crack of the first row centered under the second row for the “offset look” and to give added strength and stability. After all three rings are layed out, you can place the ring. (see pictures for reference)



You'll also want around 2 bags of paver sand or playground sand and around 5-6 bags of stones or 3-4 bags of Lava Rocks. The sand and rocks/gravel should come up to the bottom edge of the metal ring insert, which means there shouldn't be any direct fire exposure to the bricks below that line. Lay the rocks like a “bowl” – deeper around the edges to align with the ring, and shallower in the middle, to provide a deeper space. This also helps to keep the fire contained within the center of the fire pit therefore minimizing exposure to the outer stones and prevent cracking from the heat. If your pit is assembled properly, there should not be any direct exposure of fire/heat to the fire pit stones themselves.

Please note that this kit is not designed for a deck. It needs to be installed on the ground on a level surface. It is upwards of 800 pounds when fully assembled. I recommend checking with your local fire department, HOA or housing inspector as well.

Installation Guide

How to Guide

The Ashland Concrete Firepit Kit From Lowe's add charm to your backyard or garden.


This DIY kit comes ready-to-assemble with all the pieces and instructions needed to build your own outdoor fire pit
Fire pit can be placed on an existing patio area or landscape
Fire pit kits add a great focal point to your outdoor landscape
Add lava rock or decorative stone inside the ring for the final touch (not included)
Color, dimension, weight and texture may slightly vary due to natural materials used during manufacturing


Because of the weight we do recommend that you have this delivered by Lowes unless you have a vehicle you can load the pallet on. You may opt to open the package at the store and load each stone into your vehicle one at a time as well. Delivery is quick and very professional. They will drop it off in your yard anywhere you ask them to, that they can access. You will receive a phone call prior to delivery to make sure you are home and ready to receive your item.




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