We all want the best furniture in our home. It doesn’t matter if it’s inside, outside, or just a tiny table in the corner. When we go out of our way to get furniture, we want the best. The best changes from piece to piece. What makes a good patio chair might not make the best kitchen table. But a walnut coffee table is unique. They’re the centerpiece of the living room. They’re the meeting place we designate for guests, friends, popcorn & movie nights, and everything in between. Because of this, a classic, sturdy, and timeless construction is a must. Nothing does that better than solid wood furniture. It might not be your first choice, but you definitely won’t be sorry. 

Here’s why. 

Timeless Look

The aesthetics of walnut are unparalleled. They’re timeless. When you look at a solid walnut coffee table collection, you can picture them in a modern home, a classic country home, and even in the popular mid-century modern design. They fit anywhere. You don’t need to worry that your coffee table won’t match the next room or even the next home. Other types of lumber have specific places they fit best in. Walnut is timeless, classy, and can be dressed up any which way you please. Just make sure you care for it regularly and the thing will last you a lifetime. 

Shock Resistant 

Think about what you're using the coffee table for It’s primarily to hold coffee, wine, and any other beverage in the living room. It’s the gathering place at a party, of course, you’re going to have beverages laid out. If you use glass, you’re going to be constantly worried that people will scratch it or crack it. If the football game is on and heavy pints are being slammed with every goal (and they will) you’re going to wish you had walnut. Walnut is shockproof. You can hit it on the side, slam a glass, do whatever you want with it. It will barely shake the structure. You don’t have to worry at all about the integrity of the coffee table. It will hold up. 

Fine Grain

The grain of walnut wood is incredibly fine, especially with English walnut, the most commonly used for furniture. This means that it holds an edge incredibly well. It will not chip or nick the way balsa or even oak would. It’s meant to be the workhorse of functional furniture. Cabinets and vanities made out of walnut are routinely used as perfect heirlooms. Coffee tables are no different. Because of this grain, you don’t have to worry about splintering around children. It is another bit of peace of mind. 


Choosing furniture is usually a long process. There are so many designs and possible shapes that it can send even the most decisive buyer into a head spin. That’s okay. Take a breather. Know that no matter which walnut coffee table you choose, you’re choosing the right one. In the end, with a good care routine for the wood and a reputable vendor, you can never go wrong. You’ll be proud to have a functional, beautiful, and sturdy centerpiece.


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