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The Best All Purpose Biodegradable Cleaner!

I have been in the market for a good multipurpose cleaner for a long time now. Genesis 950 concentrate cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer is exactly what I needed for all of my cleaning needs.  Having two dogs in the house and children crawling around on the floor I’m very cautious about what I use to clean! This product is not only safe it is also about biodegradable. I recently bought a rug that was quite expensive for my living room, only for my dog to come in and track mud on it. I have tried countless cleaners, homemade products, and things that I have found on Pinterest only to find that nothing worked. Trying these things have actually made it smear and it looks worse than it did in the beginning. I couldn’t wait to mix up my spray bottle of genesis 950 and put it to the test. To my surprise my little rug looks like it did the day I bought it. I have my fiancé come into the living room, and I kept asking him “do you notice anything” I kind of had to give him a hint of what I was talking about but he is well could not believe how good the rug looked! After I told him all the different uses of Genesis 950 he then told me “this is something I need to keep in my building” Needless to say after he tried and followed the directions on how to wash his grease rags, I ended up with the spray bottle in the house and he took the gallon to his building. With it being so concentrated if I need a refill all I have to do is add a little bit to my spray bottle and I’ll be good for a while. I cannot wait to share this product with my mom because she has been struggling with urine stains from her 14-year-old poodle with no luck from store bought cleaning products. Genesis 950 is very affordable and the gallon size will last you a very long time. You can purchase this product at  and  Genesis 950

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