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The Best Birthday Gifts for Teenagers

If your teen's birthday is approaching, you may be wondering what in the world they might want. Unfortunately, with all of the trends and products promoted on TikTok and other socials, it can be hard to figure out what your teen is really looking for on their next birthday.

But don't panic! We're here to help. With the popularity boost to vintage items lately, don't be surprised to see some of your old favorites on the list. So, without further ado, let's get started on the best birthday gifts for teenagers.



You can't go wrong with jewelry. Some of the most popular pieces of requested jewelry are initial necklaces. A simple necklace with your teen's initial engraved on a pendant or ornamented with gemstones has become strikingly popular among the next generation. So, if you're looking for a budget-friendly birthday gift, an initial necklace just might be the perfect gift.


If your teenager has been waiting and waiting for a cell phone upgrade, this year may finally be the year to cave in. The latest iPhone or Samsung may be the ideal gift to put a smile on your teen's face, which we all know can be few and far between since we were all angsty teenagers once. However, if the price is a concern, many cell phone carriers offer excellent deals and payment plans to lessen the blow on your wallet.

Vintage Clothing

That's right, mom jeans are making a comeback, as with a myriad of other clothing from the '80s and '90s. Whether it's mom jeans, platform sneakers, or vintage jerseys, gifting your teen some vintage clothing or a gift card to Etsy so they can find their own is a popular birthday gift right now.


The cameras on smartphones may offer some of the highest-quality photos out there now, but teens are still eating up the fun of a polaroid camera. As a result, Polaroid pictures and scrapbooking are regaining their popularity among the next generation. So, if you want to save yourself some money on the smartphone upgrade, consider opting for this more affordable gift instead. Not to mention, you'll still be gifting a top-notch present for your teenager.

Vinyl Record or Record Player

Yet another retro gift for teens, vinyl records and record players are hot items among teenagers today. Don't worry: You can find a lot more than classical music on vinyl now, as many of the current chart-topping artists' albums can be found at any major retailer on vinyl. It seems teenagers are ready to accept the crisp, unique sound of music played on vinyl as one of the best ways to listen.

PlayStation 5

Of course, after all of the memes about this next-gen console hit the internet, it's no surprise that it made the list. The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is still one of the most sought-after consoles on the market. So, getting your teen one for their birthday is one of the best gifts you can give if you can get your hands on one.


More technology hits this list in the form of smartwatches. This can be an excellent gift for your teen for several reasons. They can keep track of time and to-do lists in one convenient piece of tech right on their wrist. Not to mention, a smartwatch can help your teen maintain a healthy lifestyle while looking fashionable simultaneously.

Gift Card

You can't go wrong with a gift card. Many teenagers actually wish the stigma of giving a gift card would pass already. A gift card is the best way to let your teen shop at stores they may not usually be able to afford. Not to mention, sometimes it's not about getting what they wanted as much as it is the fun of shopping for it themselves.

With these gift ideas, you're sure to find something that will delight your teen!


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