Bobbleheads are gaining massive popularity amongst the general public and for all the good reasons. For those of you who have been living under a cave, a bobblehead is a kind of a collectible doll – quite unlike other dolls – as it has a large head compared to the body. The head of the doll wobbles or bobbles because it is connected to the body through a spring or hook. The head wobbles with just the slightest pressure on its head. Hence the name.

In this list, we have covered some famous superhero bobbleheads that will go great in your child’s bedroom (even for adults), but you can get your own personalized bobbleheads here. What are you waiting for? Head over there now!

Iron man

Perhaps the greatest joy your kid can get this Christmas is his/her very own Iron man bobblehead figure. Iron is a world-famous character, especially since Rober Downey Jr. played the lead in the massively successful Iron Man 1 movie in 2008.  This bobblehead is a standing symbol to the quote “You decide to either win your day or give up on it!”. This is a trend and craze among the fans for the huge respect they have for the character. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a billionaire, genius, playboy, and philanthropist with the most powerful device in the world to play with – an all-powerful iron suit.

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Batman can also be called as the dark twin of the sparkly Robert Downey-played character Iron Man. The hero had to see his parents die in front of his eyes who then, upon reaching a certain age, decides to embark on an enlightened path where he finds himself allies that help him fight the forces of evil and fight crime. He decides to become a vigilante and help his people against injustice. This bobblehead is a must as every time you see it you are reminded that anything can be done if you work hard with perseverance and an undeterred ambition to fight for it and reach your goal.




“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, It’s Superman!”

People love Superman for his strength, power to fly, a super cool feature that allows him to freeze anyone with his breadth, and a laser eye power to integrate any obstacle. Superman is the most lovable superhero on the planet and a perfect gift for your kids. This character belongs to another planet but as his own planet is destroyed his parents send him to Earth, in the hope that he can become their sole savior someday. Superman is the strongest being of all superheroes. He is a man of principles and justice. His powers have no limit. After reaching a mature age he decided that he is different from the others and finds out about his powers and decides to use them in a good way. This bobblehead is a motivation that no matter how much power you get the choice is yours to be on the right side or not.


Captain America

This is a bobblehead that has gained millions of followers recently. This character is about the story of a boy rejected for his weak body and disfigured shape but has the heart of a warrior. He initially suffers through a lot in his path but with a pure heart and a never giving up soul, he works his way up until he wins. Steve Rogers (played in the movie of the same name by Chris Evans in 2011) is all about laying the principle of never giving up and always pursuing one’s ethical dreams. He is a standing symbol of never ever giving up and fighting for what is right.


The Hulk

This character is a huge monster who whenever he gets angry turns into a monster and fights the bad guys. The character was a scientist and was always a hard worker but one day during his experiment who fell into some liquid who altered his DNA sample and made him into a beast. This bobblehead reminds us to always have your anger under control to not let the emotions get the best out of you. He is green in color and huge in size and weight. This character is famous for all the children and is mostly loved by everyone, despite his angry green appearance.


Wonder Woman

Wonder woman is a great character to have as a toy. She has the super-strength, flying and sword fighting skills. The lady is a motivation of every woman out there to not let the words of others make you feel low and always shine and smile. She had to go through a lot of problems while in her place where all thought that she wasn’t enough and can’t live up like her mother. But she proved every single one of them wrong. She is a true motivation for all the girls out there and is loved by all children.



Goku is one of the best superheroes out there, who is not American! However, this character has a massive fanbase across America and the World. The character was developed by Akira Toriyama in Japan and has spanned across almost two decades now. Goku is the kind of kid, like superman, who has been sent from another planet to planet Earth. The story of his journey to power and fighting strong enemies, making friends all along the way is covered in the anime series Dragon Ball, adapted from the manga (comic book) of the same name. Definitely a must-have if your kid is into anime.


You can get all of these superheroes and more at Modern Bobbleheads. What’s more? You can even personalize these to have your faces on these bobbleheads and have the fun of a lifetime.


What are you waiting for? Go get your personalized bobbleheads now!

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