With Fathers Day coming up fast, we are all looking for the best gifts, well I know that If my dad was alive, I would be getting him a Rylo Camera. He always had his camera or camcorder out, when we were younger and his grandkids were. Always making great memories for us, and we till this day have them to keep us going.

But why the Rylo, here's why a powerful little 360° camera powered by innovative software to create larger-than-life, cinematic video. It captures everything around you with breakthrough stabilization technology. What I like is that you can connect it to your smartphone, and use the app to edit and create a video you would be proud of, simple as that. Finish shooting and connect and edit, cant get any easier,

With Rylos software it gives you total control, over your videos and lets you use your creative freedom, as I said the app is easy to use and lets you edit and share anywhere you choose too.  Another great thing I feel is awesome is, no more waiting to edit and download from your desktop, takes it all away, now you can do it from your phone. Rylo captures everything in 360° all around you in beautiful 4K resolution, letting you share vivid and realistic scenes loaded with details.

With the Rylo app, you can create a perfectly framed clip from any section of your 360° shot and share a traditional HD video, or fully immersive 360° video.

The camera and phone combination just lets you focus on content. It uses a lightning to USB cable, rather than using slow WiFi for transfers, you can transfer your videos directly to your phone in an instant.

The magic is in the software, and the stabilization is really the killer feature, it works flawlessly even if you really push it by shaking the camera.


One of the problems with 360 video is that it put the audience in the director chair, and they don’t know where to look around. But the rylo software takes care of that and adds some super simple to use tools to make a video with a shoot first and frame later approach.

The camera only has 2 modes: Video and Still Pics. There’s really no need for focusing on a subject since it’s a 360 camera. Everything is done in post, from choosing the subject you want to follow to the view you want to see.  Put yourself in the action with a picture-in-picture that shows your facial expression as you capture a moment.

Create moving time-lapse videos by speeding up Rylo' s stabilized video. Control how fast you want your video to play (up to 16x normal speed) and make professional-looking time-lapse.

We have been having the best time with this camera, and it is so much fun, the 360 views are some of the best.  This is the perfect Fathers Day gift and




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