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The Best Harness


Whenever I take our dog Bella for walks she’s always pulling and I’ve been afraid that the collar is choking her. I started looking online for something different that I can use to make walking a little easier but there are so many different harnesses out there I wasn’t sure which one would be best. That’s where TransPaw helped me figure it out.

My Bella is a pug and a bit of a chunky girl; the harness fit just right. (This is perfect for my other dogs as well, who are also a small.) She was able to walk without any choking at all and I loved how easy it was to put on her. (So much easier to put on than other ones we have used before!) I also loved the way it looked.


Their harness is designed to fit your dog, giving them freedom of movement but without them being able to escape, which it did. It gives your dog the mobility to walk and move better. Because of the fit and ease of use, we’ve been using it all the time since we got it and Bella seems to want to walk more!

For me the best part is where you can clip your leash. There is both front and back options, something I haven’t seen on other harnesses we have used in the past. Another great feature is that it’s water-friendly, so you’re able to clean it and not worry about ruining it.

Another plus is that ordering was easy. All I had to do was take a couple of measurements, match them to the size chart and order it, and they get it right out to you.

Taking her out after we put it on has made such a big difference.  When we walk I feel confident enough to know she’s not getting out of this harness and that she’s able to move around freely and not feel like she’s trapped, unlike other harnesses she’s escaped from.
For your dog’s next harness head over to TransPaw Gear and see why we love this so much. Now my readers can get 15% discount – just use code PAWW15 at checkout.