Do you find it hard to stay motivated for your studies?

Do you think you lack some creativity in producing a unique assignment?

Bring a melodious spark into your life with some best-selling tracks!

We have brought some of the top music streaming apps to help you drum roll your humdrum student life:

Jazz up your mood with Apple Music

Any new app or tech feature introduced by Apple’s household name is sure to catch on quickly among the audience. Apple Music is no exception. This music streaming app offers you a catalog of 50 million songs with themed playlists and recommendations. That is a big draw! 

Additionally, you can stream on-demand and get complete access to your favorite tracks in the Apple Music Library, whenever and wherever you are. With its well-designed and efficient platform, you should have no trouble while swapping between your saved songs, the radio, and recommendations. Among all the latest music available out there, you can download your favorite ones to listen to offline. Plus, users can sort by songs, artists, genres, composers, and albums and create their playlists as per their music tastes for all the occasions. 

Moreover, the app has one more distinct feature called ‘Connect.’ It enables you to follow your most-liked artists, bands, and individual composers. Whatever these curators choose to share, you will get a feed with all the current updates. The service offers a great deal of other content, including concerts and documentaries about a great variety of bands and artists. Apple Music offers another flexible feature for Android users. They can stream songs playing in Apple Music directly to their Chromecast device. Further, you can get ‘new releases’ notifications at the top of your app's ‘Library’ tab. 

The app offers a free Apple Music service for the iPhone or iPad owners, becoming one of the best apps for free music. A user needs to sign up and can use free trials without any paid subscription. Moreover, Apple Music is also available for iOS, and you can download the app free via the Apple website. The app also grants three months of free music for its new customers. 

Above all, college and university students can join the app at a discounted monthly rate. There is also an Apple Music Family subscription available for families of up to six members. Every member can enjoy unlimited access to the whole Apple Music catalog and music recommendations. Plus, they can also access their iCloud Music Library, enabling them to enjoy their favorite music on all their devices.  

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Rap hard with Spotify

Spotify is probably the best and most well-known music app, offering access to more than 50 million music tracks from nearly all the artists you can think available out there. This app also comes as the best free music streaming app, since you can use it for free with a Spotify account. You can use SpotifyStorm for your Spotify Promotion if need be  However, there is only a catch. You will have to listen to an ad every 30 minutes. However, since you do not need to pay a penny and can enjoy access to creating your custom playlist, the app is worth it. You can spend ad’s time on doing your homework or spend saved money buying it on but anyway you saving as time as money.

What makes Spotify a cut above the rest is that it is a powerful force in the music streaming industry. It always promotes the importance of music in education and provides students and kids with the resources to learn and experience music with a passion. Besides, the app is entirely legal to listen to podcasts and stream music online. 

It keeps innovating via adding new features and updates such as super-smart playlists, ‘Discover Weekly,’ ‘Spotify Connect,’ podcasts, and social sharing tools. No wonder why its users are increasing day by day. Plus, you can download albums and playlists for offline use. You will find a fantastic selection of playlists at Spotify for all sorts of genres and moods. Based on your interest and likes, it also recommends podcasts, songs, and individual episodes. The app can also be integrated with Tinder, Runkeeper, and other awesome apps.

It offers an attractive student rate if you wish an upgrade. The Premium for Students is available at a reduced price and comes with Hulu access. 

To kill boredom while studying, students are tempted to search the ‘best music apps free’ online. However, sometimes, they cannot access a streaming site, as many institutions have blocking systems. Rather than using campus Wi-Fi, you can use your own to connect to free music apps. 

Stay tuned with TuneIn

Not so much of a well-known name, however, TuneIn offers some of the most exciting stuff for people with various music tastes. The TuneIn Radio offers you access to over 120,000 live radio stations featuring from music and podcasts to sports and comedy. It is not just music; TuneIn also offers on-demand streams covering talk shows, news, current events, live sports matches, and other local content. 

Sports fans can get TuneIn’s premium service that airs live games of NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA and that too with ad-free listening at the cost of $10 per month (same for a student). However, access to live radio stations is free of cost. Having offered a free version and being available free online, TuneIn can list one of the most excellent apps to get free music.

Rock your world with Amazon Music Unlimited

One of the latest apps for free music, Amazon, offers access to a bevy of free songs. The app also has your whole Cloud Player Library with songs you have purchased from Amazon and other uploaded tracks. However, you can also access the complete 60-million songs library via Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. However, for this, you will have to cough up $10 a month. If you link your subscription to a single Fire or Echo device, you will only need to pay $4. Amazon Prime members can get other benefits such as enjoying 2 million songs with full membership. 

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The Bottom Line

Since we live in this golden age of free music streaming, there would hardly be any problem finding a wealth of music apps. Above mentioned are only a few music apps for free among a pool. However, it is still up to your which app suits you best in the end.

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