We are always in need of pillowcases and when I found these I knew it was perfect, I was able to put RR on them so we knew they were mine. These are made in the USA and are made of organic cotton, making them so soft and cool to the touch. Giving you a luxurious night's sleep.

We love them, haven't had this good of a night's sleep in forever, we would wake up sweating and feeling hot, now we feel cooler and our heads aren't getting hot. Making this better for us to sleep and feel cooler, we all try and find the coldest spot to lay or head, with these there's always a spot that's the whole pillow.

They are available in a classic white or beautiful natural color and they come in a standard queen or king size and sold individually. Not to worry they are machine washable and dryable and won't get ruined.

They also have towels that can be done the same way as the pillowcases, imagine getting a beautiful towel set with your initials on them.  Our elegant and ultra-absorbent towels are made in the good ol' USA, so you can feel good about your purchase. With a bevy of hues to choose from in a dramatic color palette, you are sure to find the perfect match for your bathroom decor. This Towel Set is designed with a beautiful single hem border and woven with medium length relaxed loop technology for maximum drying power.

Everything you need to make your bedroom and bathroom feel more like yours, with each of these they make it to you. I love that I was able to get us these pillowcases and now we are thinking of getting some towels, who doesn't need some new towels. And the best part we can get them to match our bathroom.

For all your pillowcases needs head over to Towels By Gus and see why we love them so much.


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