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The Best Place to Find Collectible Playing Cards

Collectible Playing Cards

Do you love playing card games? Do you collect playing cards? If so, have you checked out Kings Wild Project? King’s Wild Project makes beautiful, hand-illustrated decks of cards that have also become a new form of art collection. They have custom playing card designs that you can’t find anywhere else. King’s Wild Projects has unique and rare limited edition designs, vintage graphics, holiday inspired patterns, Mexican playing cards, and so much more.

Postage Paid – Standard Edition

The Best Place to Find Collectible Playing Cards

Inspired by Joseph Pierson, a man that has the most extensive and diverse collection cards, The Postage Paid deck of cards looks just the way they sound. Each card in the Postage Paid deck and also in Joseph’s postcard collection features a stamp and also a postal address of the recipient of the card. Unique features of these cards include:

  • each card has a postage paid stamp
  • all 50 states are represented with a city from each state

Holographic VHS 1982

The Best Place to Find Collectible Playing Cards

These holographic deck of cards are just amazing to look at. This deck was inspired by the bold designs of the early 80’s. VHS 1982 is a nostalgic retro playing card deck that brings back memories of VCR’s and Nintendo game cartridges. The font, the holographic case, the lines, the use of colors are all reminiscent of that time frame. You can’t help but love this deck of cards!

Federal 52 2nd Edition

The Best Place to Find Collectible Playing Cards

This deck of cards was printed United States Playing Card Company on Premium Stock. They are printed with an embossed air cushion finish. The Federal 52 2nd Edition is a hybrid of both the original Federal 52 court card set and artwork and the artwork of the Reserve Note decks.

General Admission – Standard Edition

The Best Place to Find Collectible Playing Cards

The General Admission deck of cards inspiration comes from vintage ticket stubs from the early 20th century. The unique features of this card set includes:

  • printed by EPCC (Expert Playing Card Co.)
  • semi-gloss tuck reminds of you of a ticket stub
  • the court cards feature mirrored, full-body characters

Each deck that is designed by Wild King Project is spectacular. You can see the attention to detail that is not only on the cards themselves, but also the card case (panels, design cover, top and bottom of the case). I also love the scripture that they include on almost of their decks.

Which deck of playing cards are you excited to try?

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