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The Best Surveys Qeryz


Qeryz is a survey tool that is laser-targeted on the audience of your choice and hauls in at least 700% more responses. Imagine having all of your data in one place. Qerzy enables you to know what your customers are thinking by giving them a platform easy enough to deliver their feedback to you.

All your customers’ insights. All your net promoter scores. All your call-to-action data. All together in one simple dashboard I know what your thinking there’s no way, as a blogger this would be the best thing. I am telling you that Qweyz is the best thing.

What I like the best is you ask the questions in the form of a text area, multiple-choice radio buttons, check boxes, date and net promoter score. Thats great you get to choose how it will be. Asking the right question is difficult. You have to know the implicit context behind the who’s and the why’s.

We made sure that you can qualify the implicit context by enabling you to ask a chain of questions. So basically you get to ask the questions you want, and how they get to answer.

This is something every blogger should have, makes it a little fun for your readers. I’m going to be using this for my blog, it looks like so much fun.

You can choose what the next survey question or call-to-action a customer will see depending on their responses. It’s a very powerful qualifier for gathering data from your customers.

This is a very affordable site, and depending on what you want it can go up in price. Once you land in your dashboard, you know what to do. We’ve arranged the buttons and layout to make sure your experience using Qeryz is super easy.

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