Having a unique home decor will set your home apart from the rest. Why would you want your home to blend in? That’s boring! You want your home to say something about you to the people you invite inside. It should tell your guests something about you and feel like a place you enjoy spending time. Use these tips for a unique home decor:


Include Your Favourite Colour


Include your favourite colours in your home decor. Lots of people don’t like to include colour in their home. Neutral colours are the most versatile, and it’s a fact that they will help your home to sell faster. They help people to envision what they can do with your home. However, you don’t want that. You want a unique home decor that suits you perfectly. Include your favourite colour, whether it’s pillarbox red or grass green. You can add small colourful accents, or go full on bright and paint your walls. Whatever suits you best!


Use Patterns Where Possible


Is there a particular pattern you’re fond of and would like to include? Then do it! You can find patterned furniture, such as a leather butterfly chair, that will add a unique touch to your home decor without being OTT.


Create a Feature Wall


A feature wall instantly adds interest to your home and will make any room look more unique. You can get creative here; put up some of your favourite pictures, or simply use a nice wallpaper. You can create it in any way you like. Use Pinterest and similar sites for inspiration! Take your time with it to make it look as good as you possibly can.




Mix Your Furniture


Rather than matching your furniture, mix it up. Of course you can find something to tie it all in together so nothing looks out of place; just don’t think that everything has to match. I find that plenty of decors look much better when furniture is mixed.


Make Some Stuff Yourself


Why not make some of your stuff yourself? You can’t get much more unique than that! Whether you want to make your own wine rack or piece of art, get to it and you’ll not only have a unique decor, but impress your guests too. It’ll take longer than going to the shop and buying something you like, but it’ll be so worth it when you have the finished product. People might even ask to commission you to make them something!


Shop Vintage


Why not shop vintage to find some pieces for your home that nobody else has? You can find so many interesting bits and bobs, you could probably kit out your whole house and make it look really special. You may need to pay extra for something antique, but it’ll be worth it!
I hope you love these tips and they help you to create a really unique looking home decor. Don’t blend in with everybody else. Let your personality shine through even in your home. Have fun with it and experiment a little. Good luck!

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  1. I like your tip to use patterns when possible. I really like stripes so I will try to find home decor pieces for sale with stripes. Blue would match my other home decor pieces too. Thanks for the tips!

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