All Packed Duffle

When you have spur of the moment plans to spend a night out of town or a sleep over at a friends house, you need a go to bag that you can rely on to put all your essentials in. Something big enough to house the spare clothes, and all your toile-trees. At the same time you want it to be a cute bag that makes you proud toting it around.  Also, you want it to have enough compartments to organize your things accordingly. What I love is the All Packed Duffle from Thirty-One.

The All Packed Duffle is the right size, at twenty-two inches in length, and twelve inches in diameter, to be big enough to use. Thirty-One offers three cute product prints, and I have the Fab Flourish Print. It is a beautiful vintage print with a gorgeous color scheme. This duffle is structured so well in design, because it even has an exterior compartment that keeps your shoes separated from the rest of your clothes. What a great way to keep clothes clean and fresh. There are two interior mesh pockets that keep your things in place during transport. There are shorter handles for quick carrying or a sling for over your shoulder so you can grab and go. This duffle bag is perfect for the gym as well as camping, sports, and that overnighter.These bags can also be used as some best lego storage, the kids can keep their toys in them.

I love my All Packed Duffle. It is stylish and just so practical. This makes so cute to give to your sister or family member, especially if they travel a lot. I love that this also has the option of being monogrammed. I have my family name embroidered on mine with the font, Fun Dots. It's very pretty. I love how professional Thirty-One is when it comes to monogramming. Shipping is also fast. Their products and their work is absolutely admirable.

Pick the Right Thermal Bag

I love having the perfect lunch bag when I want to bring food from home. Be it a picnic, or snacks for work. Thirty-One has so much to offer when choosing Thermals. Their thermals are very versatile totes. I have the Around The Clock Thermal , it does such a great job of keeping contents cool. I love it, because it is water resistant and clean ups are very easy. There is a removable shoulder strap, and an interior mesh pocket. There is also an exterior front zipper pocket providing separate storage if needed. Size is about ten inches in length and six inches in diameter. It is the right size to carry enough food to get you through the day or just on the go snacks for your kids. I even love the cute Camper Design on front. It brings the look of the tote together.

If you opt for something a little larger, there is the Picnic Thermal Tote. I love the Picnic Thermal Tote, because it is long and high enough where you can pack your tupperware’s on top of each other, and place drinks inside it right side up. Thirteen inches in height and eleven inches in length. It is so neat, because the thermal lining can hold ice which makes this tote a portable cooler. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap and a zip-around closure to ensure that it stays closed. Thirty-One thermal totes have the option to be personalized with your choice of monogramming, and there are also various product prints to choose so you don’t have to settle with something boring. The Happer Camper print that I have is so delightful. It brings back all my happy memories of camping when I was a child.

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