Every cyclist has grand dreams of traveling on their bikes wherever, whenever. Unfortunately, not every city is equipped with protected bike lanes and pathways that allow cyclists to ride around the city safely, as well as a supportive local government units and communities. 

Many US cities may not have those currently, but there are already cities that have long built themselves to cater to cyclists. You may want to consider moving to any of these five most bike-friendly cities in the United States.


Fort Collins, Colorado


Fort Collins, Colorado, is synonymous with bikeable. Last year, the city took the crown as the most bike-friendly city by PeopleforBikes. It’s not hard to see, considering how the city has continually and purposely built pathways for cyclists. 


These pathways were especially designed to create quick and efficient routes for bike commuters, showing the city’s commitment to prioritizing bike commuters. Through the efforts of the local government and Bike Fort Collins, a grassroots advocacy group, it’s both faster and safer to travel around the city by bike.


Minneapolis, Minnesota


If you’re looking for a bike-friendly city in the Midwest, Minneapolis in Minnesota is the place for you. The city is well-known for its active biking advocate community and bike routes and infrastructures. What makes it sweeter is that the city government and citizens are constantly pushing forward to make Minneapolis friendly to cyclists and pedestrians.


Living in Minneapolis will let you enjoy plenty of outdoor recreational activities, miles and miles of pathways with tons of green spaces in between, and a supportive biking community and local government.


Portland, Oregon


Since 2016, Portland has built 5.2 miles of protected lanes for cyclists. Although not the head of the group for the most bike-friendly cities in the US, the city still has an impressive 385-mile network of bike pathways.


Their bike infrastructure is worth $60 million, and the government has a lot in store to make the city more bikeable, especially to new riders, in the coming years.


San Francisco, California


San Francisco has come a long way in being one of the most bikeable cities in the country. Years ago, you wouldn’t be able to spot a protected bike lane. That is, until the city took aggressive initiatives to lower traffic fatalities and promote sustainable traveling methods in the city.


The San Francisco government invested $112 million in 2012 to build bike routes and infrastructures and measures to make the city bike-friendly. That year, the government its goal of making 50 percent of all trips in the city through cycling, walking, or mass transportation. The new goal is to reach 80 percent by 2030.


Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington, has it all for all types of cyclists. Planning a weekend leisure ride? Cruise by the shore of Alki Beach and the numerous parks around the city. Want something more exciting? Challenge yourself at Tiger Mountain, Duthie Hill, and Steven Pass Bike Park.


For those who are training to improve their cycling performance, Seattle has a variety of terrains, from the smoothest to the roughest, to test your capacity and gain more riding experience.


As if those weren’t enough, the city of Seattle also has the golden standard of all bike pathways, protected lanes with concrete buffers. The city is also equipped with cycling-specific signals to keep bikers safe and allow them to move around the city more efficiently.


More Bikeable Places


The cities in this list are hardly the only ones in the United States. In fact, there are more places spread out in various states. Some of the well-known ones are Chicago, Illinois; Eugene (another city in Oregon); Madison in Wisconsin, and New York City, among many more.


As cities move to more sustainable methods of transportation, many placed will become more bike- and pedestrian-friendly. Maybe in the future your hometown will surpass all the places listed here to become the most bikeable city in the country (if it already isn’t). In the meantime, you can daydream about cycling along the beaches in Seattle, biking to work in Portland, or cruising on two wheels in Fort Collins.


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