The Biggest Hair Trends for 2022

In recent months, a number of hair trends have emerged that are set to carry into the new year. If you are a fashion fanatic, you may have already caught a glimpse of the hairstyles of various supermodels as they glided down the runways for some of the planet’s top designers and brands. If you are looking to switch up your look or are merely interested in what the next year is likely to have in store for you as a hair stylist, continue reading to familiarise yourself with the biggest hair trends for 2022. 


Sleek, super-straight locks 


It may be time to dust off your flat iron because in stark contrast to the long, flowing waves that have graced social media pages and magazine covers alike in recent months, sleek, super-straight locks are poised to make a welcome return in 2022. This was one of the most popular looks of this year’s runways and has already begun to be emulated online with a growing number of celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Elizabeth Olsen, and Jourdan Dunn, jumping on board the bandwagon. If you are located in Boulder or Denver and are on the hunt for a professional hair stylist to transform your tresses, Zinke Hair Studio has decades worth of knowledge and experience when it comes to creating sleek, super-straight locks so you can look good and feel even greater. 


 Middle parts 


If you were forced to wear a middle part as a child and have since vowed never to make the same mistake again, you may not necessarily be rejoicing in the news that it is set to become one of the biggest hair trends of 2022. It dominated this year’s runways and has even overtaken the much-loved side part that was a mainstay during the questionable fashion eras of the 2000s and 2010s. It was spotted on a number of supermodels, such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, and has since triggered an influx of requests with hair stylists only happy to oblige. If you have a side part and are looking to make the switch to a middle part, it can be done with the right tools, guidance, and instructions. If you are wary of your hair styling skills, on the other hand, a professional hair stylist should be able to complete the restyle in a matter of minutes during your next appointment. 




In addition to sleek, super-straight locks and middle parts, headscarves have also undergone a resurgence this year and are expected to continue to do so into 2022. It can be a tricky trend to master but by familiarising yourself with a couple of visual cues, you should be able to perfect the art of not only tying a headscarf but making it look great the first time you try. If you love the look but are worried about your ability to pull it off, it may benefit you to know that there are several different ways of rocking a headscarf that are unlikely to result in blood, sweat, and tears. This includes wrapping it around a braid, using it as a ponytail tie, twisting it to mimic the appearance of a headband, reshaping it into a bandana, wrapping it around your head and tying it around your neck, and fashioning it into a low-hanging bun. If you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available to you, your local hair stylist should be able to point you in the right direction. 


Easy, loose braids


In what seems like a regular occurrence recently, braids are back. If the sheer thought of attempting to master the aforementioned looks fills you with dread, easy, loose braids can be conquered by even the most inexperienced of hair stylists as well as from the comfort of your home. If that wasn’t good enough, when the time comes for you to unravel your braids, you will also be left with relaxed, bouncy waves for a number of days to come. It can take on the form of chunky braids, thin braids at the front of the head, and even smaller braids placed sporadically throughout your head. This can be a great way to style long, thick or unruly hair or tame a bad hair day when you only have seconds to spare before you must dart out of the front door. 


If you pride yourself on keeping up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends, it may benefit you to familiarise yourself with the biggest hair trends of 2022. This includes sleek, super-straight locks, middle parts, headscarves, and loose, easy braids. It may only be nearing the end of 2021, but by planning ahead and knowing exactly what to expect from the next year’s beauty calendar, you can transform your tresses and look and feel great in the process. 


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