If you’ve gone from renting a house to owning your own home, there are some big changes you’ll have to deal with. Namely, the fact that any property problem is now your responsibility. You can’t call up the landlord and ask them to fix anything, it’s all down to you! It’s one area of owning a home that many people don’t tend to think about. Until it’s too late! Here are some of the biggest worries any homeowner will face. And, how to deal with them.


Structural Damage

This is particularly rife in old homes, as opposed to new builds. Just one wintry week can cause a whole host of structural problems to your property. If the foundations aren’t solid, then this may also be something that is ongoing. Hopefully, you will have noted anything like this before you moved in. However, these things may not present themselves until a few years down the line. Structural damage can be expensive to fix. It’s a good idea to have your property regularly checked, to make sure everything is stable. You may also want to set up a savings account, for any problems that may occur. This will save you having to dig too deep into the mortgage, should the worst happen.


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Fires and Floods

I’ve  grouped these two together because they can both be as devastating as each other. They’re both likely to be due to an accident beyond your control, as well. The first thing you’re going to want to ensure is that you have home insurance. A policy that covers both fire and floods, should anything terrible happen. This isn’t going to protect your home, but it will guarantee you aren’t left without any possessions. Make sure that your home is up to the fire safety regulations, to keep it free from disaster. Many local fire departments will actually carry out a free check on your home. If you live anywhere prone to flooding, then ensure you have the right prevention methods in place. Sandbags in the basement and elevated doorframes are the most basic of requirements.



If you had a pest problem in rented accommodation, then it would have been down to the landlord to fix. Unfortunately, as a homeowner this is your job to deal with now! Luckily, this is one of the easiest issues to get fixed. Compared to the others on this list, anyway. In most cases, you’ll want to get hold of a pest control company who can deal with the infestation. There are other ways you can try to rid your home of pests yourself. However, some of these can be dangerous for house pets or small children. It’s always worth forking out that little extra for an expert. There are also some measures you can put in place, to stop pests from entering your home. Keeping your home clean and blocking up any gaps is a good start. An expert will be able to give you more tips on creating a pest-free environment.


These are three of the biggest worries homeowners will face, when it comes to their property. Of course, you can’t always stop the worst from happening. However, you can always be prepared – just in case!


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