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The Break Through OF Keeping Your Number Private



Are you like me, hate having to give out my real phone number, Love keeping those things private and giving, only to the people I want to have it.  Been looking for something, I can use and not have to give out the number. And I have finally found something I can use. 

This company called PHOX can give you a US phone number, that you can give to people and they can text you right away. What I find is the deal breaker, you don't have to download an app. Your messages are sent directly to your PHOX number and show up on your phone. 

This works on all smartphones and feature phones, so no having to get a  new phone, great for all of us who have a new phone.  There's another great feature, that you can use to  block all those unwanted messages, just by simply blocking the numbers.  PHOX can and will block those messages from that number. you want to block.


And the good thing is you can unblock it by texting the word inbox and the numbers you had blocked become available again. Ivy Corp's PHOX is a service that allows users to send and receive texts as usual while hiding their private number behind a public PHOX number so users can text as usual without sharing their real number. In addition, because PHOX is a service, users are protected from having to install yet another app that may be “slurping” data and even sharing that  data without the users full understanding.

Your PHOX number is handy any time you don't want to share your private mobile phone number.


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